Oatmeal Wonder

Today, after arriving home from my daughter’s swimming lesson, she was ravenous. Although it took about 15 minutes to prepare, I made a delicious hot grain cereal that was another Ali-Oops success. Here’s what I used and how I made it. Cooked 1 ½ cups of steel cut oats in water Cooked ½ cup of [...]

5 Pounds of Success

Today, I feel delighted about how I’ve committed to getting back to eating well after my holidays…with the ultimate goal of achieving a healthy weight. Since coming back from my vacation, 5 days ago, I’ve lost 5.2 pounds. Now, a whole bunch of this is probably water, and that’s just fine with me. My body [...]

Back to Health!

Well, the East Coast party's over! Back from vacation and time to get back on track with my eating habits. From Jan. 2013 to Aug. 10, 2013, I did not eat any meat or eggs.  I was really proud of myself for accomplishing this. No beef, pork, chicken, fish or shellfish…none. I moved to the [...]

Lobster…at Last!

   While vacationing on the East Coast, we've been looking forward to having lobster in Halifax. Last night, we ate dinner at Salty's, right on the harbour, and it was fabulous. We started with local beer: Garrison Brewery's Tall Ship Amber and Irish Red. Oysters out here are more expensive than we expected, but we [...]

The Ali-Oops Way

I’ve never been keen on following recipes. Probably because I’m impatient! Recipes are a great way to learn how to put together ingredients, however. They can also serve as a template that I can tweak and make my own. What’s worked the best for me is just winging it. Thinking on my feet and grabbing what’s [...]

Finally…some greens!

Finally, some greens in my diet while on vacation. I've enjoyed many dishes while in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador. But, like most people, I've veered off course from the healthier food I usually (not always, that's for sure) eat at home. For lunch today, I had a heap of romaine greens with cucumbers, tomato and [...]