Lobster…at Last!

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While vacationing on the East Coast, we’ve been looking forward to having lobster in Halifax. Last night, we ate dinner at Salty’s, right on the harbour, and it was fabulous.

We started with local beer: Garrison Brewery’s Tall Ship Amber and Irish Red. Oysters out here are more expensive than we expected, but we decided to indulge, since it was our first night in Halifax. Of course, we had the whole, steamed lobster, with melted butter (a must if you are on vacation and not worrying about your weight/diet).

Our view and service were terrific, and we may have to go back before we leave.

I’ve been eating seafood galore out here. Although I have not been eating any meat (beef, chicken or seafood) since Jan. 2013, I consciously chose to eat seafood while on this trip. I’ve waited a long time to come out here and enjoy all that this area has to offer. Perhaps when my veggie ways are more established, I may choose to bypass seafood while on vacation. We’ll see. I won’t have any problem with beef or chicken, because neither appeal to me at all any more.

If you are a wanna-be vegetarian or wanna-be vegan, remember that it takes time to transition, and don’t be hard on yourself. I have learned this over the last three and a half years since I first read The China Study.

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