Eating for Health

Back to Health!

Well, the East Coast party’s over! Back from vacation and time to get back on track with my eating habits.

From Jan. 2013 to Aug. 10, 2013, I did not eat any meat or eggs.  I was really proud of myself for accomplishing this. No beef, pork, chicken, fish or shellfish…none. I moved to the next stage that I wanted to achieve (giving up dairy) in late July which lasted until mid-August, when my vacation started.

In advance, I decided to eat seafood during my East Coast trip and indulge in dairy again. After all, I justified…I was on holiday! I ate mussels, oysters, lobster, haddock, cod….loved it! Being a true cheese addict (the only dairy I’ve been stuck on), I had cheese as well as eggs. As a last hurrah…yesterday, my family and I enjoyed eating a whole lobster each for a late lunch. Yes, of course we had melted butter.

I indulged, and now it’s over.

After that meal, I took my official step toward eating well again. I am fortunate because I gained only 1.6 pounds while away… could have been a LOT worse!

So, how did the rest of my day go? I got right back on the health train.

20130825_190058 SONY DSC

For dinner we visited with some family. They had chicken, and I brought salad for my main dish. It contained romaine lettuce, red cabbage, carrots, cucumber, pickled hot peppers and some ground cashews.

For the dressing, I wanted to get back to making dressing without any added oil. This is a real challenge at first, but once you start to experiment with different ingredients that provide the moisture needed, it becomes a fun challenge to create one. Here’s what I made:

I blended one kiwi, some frozen mango (mostly defrosted in the microwave first), some cilantro and a tiny dash of salt. It was delicious, but when I make it next time, I will add a couple of tablespoons of lime juice.

I felt light, guilt-free and happy with my choices when my day ended. A wonderful feeling that beats feeling full, bloated, guilty and unhappy.


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