Eating Healthy at Work before I begin this...yes, I'm spoiled at work when it comes to lunch. I teach at a school that provides lunch for its staff and students, and we all eat together in a dining hall. On most days, there are choices to tempt even the strong! Perogies and sour cream, smokies with sauerkraut, pizza etc. [...]

Past the 10 lb Target!

Wow….I’m now 11.2 lbs down in three weeks. I continue to have success focusing on fruits, vegetables and some beans/grains. It is wonderful NOT to be constantly thinking about food. Now that is real FREEDOM! I enjoyed some wine this weekend and didn’t feel guilty...not for a moment. I finally feel that I am truly [...]

What to Bring to a Barbeque?

What do you do for a barbecue if you don’t eat meat? You can bring your own veggie burgers; either the ones you buy, or your homemade version. I haven’t found any in the store that don’t have cheese or a pretty big list of ingredients that don’t belong in my body, so far. I also [...]

Down Some More!

It was two weeks ago today that I hunkered down after my summer vacation and committed (or should I say “re-committed”) to eating the way I believe will bring me optimal health. I am down a total of 8.6 lbs and am thrilled. The first few pounds slid right off, and now that my journey [...]

Down and Proud

Today, I am 7.2 lbs down, since Aug. 24. Woo hoo! If you’re curious about what I’ve been eating to achieve this, check out the 5 lbs to Success entry on Aug. 29. I am so proud of myself. Yesterday, I went out to dinner to The Keg (a great steak restaurant, if you are [...]