Down and Proud

Today, I am 7.2 lbs down, since Aug. 24. Woo hoo! If you’re curious about what I’ve been eating to achieve this, check out the 5 lbs to Success entry on Aug. 29.

I am so proud of myself. Yesterday, I went out to dinner to The Keg (a great steak restaurant, if you are not familiar with it). I knew the menu before I arrived, as I’ve eaten steak, lobster, stuffed mushrooms and other delicious meals there in the past…many times over in the last 30 years or so.

Since I no longer eat most of what they offer, I just created my own meal. I forgot to take a picture of it (wish I had because it was awesome!).

I shared a spinach salad with my husband. With all salads, I ask for the dressing on the side, so I can control how much oil I use. If there is sugar or other things in the dressing that are not ideal, then I am also in control of that. This particular salad came with crumbled blue cheese, which I also asked for on the side. I don’t eat cheese anymore, but I asked for it anyway, so my hubby could enjoy it on his steak. Teamwork!

My main meal was simple, yet tasty. I asked for three side orders: steamed asparagus, sautéed mushrooms (done in oil, not butter) and a plain baked potato with chives and horseradish on the side. I had eaten very little during the day, so I was full before I could even get to the potato. I had it wrapped up and will eat it for lunch today.

For a beverage, I had a soda water (club soda) with lime, my standard drink these days.

It is a wonderful feeling to eat the way I say I want to. Absolutely wonderful!

My tip for dining in restaurants is to look at all the side orders in addition to “sides” that come with certain meals. Create your own meal, and let the server know you have some dietary restrictions. You may find a meal you like that just needs a few substitutions to meet your needs. More often than not, the establishment will be happy to accommodate your request.

Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. It is your body, and you should decide what you want to put into it.


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