Weight-loss Record

Down Some More!

It was two weeks ago today that I hunkered down after my summer vacation and committed (or should I say “re-committed”) to eating the way I believe will bring me optimal health.

I am down a total of 8.6 lbs and am thrilled. The first few pounds slid right off, and now that my journey is continuing (and I haven’t given up!), my weight is moving its way toward the number that’s right for me. I would like to lose 25 or 30 more pounds, ideally, but we’ll see how it turns out. When will I reach this goal? It doesn’t really matter if it takes two months or 8 months. I will just let it happen.

What’s worked for me? No animal products. Mostly vegetables and fruit. My focus is not on food…I don’t think about it much. I eat when I’m hungry. At this point, I try to avoid eating after 7:30 p.m.


2 thoughts on “Down Some More!”

    1. I haven’t gotten into meditation yet, but I have read many times about its benefits. It is likely something that would help me decrease my stress levels after a day of teaching (or to start the day off). Thanks for the reminder!

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