Eating for Health, Weight-loss Record

A Blip on the Radar

I can see that I haven’t made an entry in a few weeks. That’s because I got off track.

In mid-September, I went to a three-day camp with students that I teach. We had a great time, but my eating habits were greatly different from home. I gave in to the poor options.

After camp, I developed a cold that lasted on and off for two weeks. Then, I had to buy all kinds of goodies for my daughter’s birthday party, so all the leftover goodies have been in my house for the last week!

I definitely got off track…way off track, eating chips, chocolate etc. I claim total responsibility and don’t blame any of the events for my choice to veer into the land of the unhealthy again.

So, now what? This weekend is Thanksgiving. Likely I will veer off again, and renew my vigor for vivid health next week.

So my total pound loss is no longer 11.2 pounds since my start in late August, it is more around 6 or 7 lbs. Good and bad news. Still down, but not where I could be.


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