Teach Kids about Food

There is definitely something wrong with our society when we need to explicitly teach kids about what food is, which foods are healthy, and which foods to stay away from. It is essential, in my opinion, to teach children about what our world of food is like today. Every family is different and has different [...]

A Smoothie Start

Did you know you can pack nutrients into a delicious tasting smoothie? Drinking a smoothie in the morning, or as a snack at any time of day, is a great way to keep healthy. My day started with the smoothie pictured below. It has water, orange juice, spinach, cucumber, pear, frozen banana and berries.   [...]

Holiday Hangover

I don’t mean from alcohol. It’s that time of year when I have enjoyed myself by eating food I normally would avoid. For some reason, it seems like no big deal. Just a few days, right, and then back to normal? Unfortunately, that’s not the reality when I have left-over food in my house. Cheese. [...]

10 Best and Worst

Need a reminder about what foods are best for you? I know I could use a reminder now and again. There are many different approaches to good health; the poster below gives you one of those approaches by Dr. Joel Fuhrman.   Regardless of how you eat, it’s tough to argue with his philosophy of nutrition. [...]

It’s Ok Not to be Perfect

My last post was about not being so hard on myself. This last week was a bit low for me because I didn’t stay on track with eating the way I wish to. I was so hard on myself! I continue to reflect on this idea and remind myself to be kind to myself and notice [...]