Mental Strength

Holiday Hangover

I don’t mean from alcohol.

It’s that time of year when I have enjoyed myself by eating food I normally would avoid. For some reason, it seems like no big deal.

Just a few days, right, and then back to normal?

Unfortunately, that’s not the reality when I have left-over food in my house. Cheese. Wine. Chocolate.

winechocolate                       cheese

So, the question is. Am I strong enough to just dump the leftovers in the garbage? My spouse probably won’t want to “waste” it.

Whether it is in the garbage or in our bellies, the result is the same. It’s gone. But the food in our bellies lingers on with an extra belt hole being created for extra belly room.

Alas, I continue to work at not being too hard on myself, so… I’ll give in to the holiday feeling of relaxing and enjoying myself…until I feel rejuvenated and ready to get back to reality.

When that magical time of motivation hits me, I’ll probably pull out all the stops (books, recipes, recommitment) and jump into 2014 with a vengeance to lose weight…once again.



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