Teach Kids about Food

There is definitely something wrong with our society when we need to explicitly teach kids about what food is, which foods are healthy, and which foods to stay away from.

It is essential, in my opinion, to teach children about what our world of food is like today.

Every family is different and has different beliefs about what is healthy for their children and what is not. But there are some basics that we all know as fact:

  1. Processed food is of little nutritional value and can cause harm.
  2. Whole foods, in their natural raw state (fruits and vegetables) do your body good.

Start simple with your kids.

Get more of the good stuff into their bodies, and less of the bad stuff.

4 thoughts on “Teach Kids about Food

  1. Great point!! I also think schools should provide healthful food to school children. I know that there is a movement toward this at the moment, but there is a long way to go with this. Celeste 🙂

    1. Hi Celeste,
      I actually work in a school that serves lunch daily to students. We have a salad bar every day, although so many students choose the refined starches (pasta and bread). Although I agree that schools can provide valuable information about food and health, I believe the influence of the home is far greater. Maybe educating new parents and parents with young children is a place to start? Thanks so much for your comment.

    1. Thanks for your support! The secret is for parents to really make a conscious effort in doing this. By involving kids in the kitchen and talking about food, kids are more likely to learn. If parents tell their kids what to eat and don’t provide informative reasons, kids are more likely to eat junk when they have the chance. When you consider how addictive the salt, sugar and fats in processed food is…kids don’t stand a chance! Unless they’re armed with knowledge.

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