First Ever Zucchini Pasta

I made my first ever batch of zucchini pasta and loved i! What's been holding me back? The contraption to make the zucchini into long julienne strips. I found a great device called a julienne peeler. I found out about it online one day...shoot I forget from where! There is another device called a spirooli [...]

Veggie Fit for the Week

Since Jan. 2, I've been juicing every morning. Let me tell you...there is nothing that tastes as good as fresh veggie/fruit juice. What a great way to start the day. Today, I decided to get ready for the week by cleaning/chopping veggies instead of doing that in the morning. Here's what I prepared: 6 bunches celery, [...]

Pure Goodness in a Glass

If you have never juiced your own vegetables and just haven't experienced true taste. I started my morning with a glass of fresh juice, made from my juicer. I juiced cucumber, celery, apple and beet. So good. The reason I make veggie/fruit juice is because of the health benefits. Juice is liquid, so the [...]

Spinach-Banana and Cranberry Smoothie

I make smoothies daily, at least 5-6 mornings of the week. Once in a while I take a picture. Today's includes water, a few handful of spinach leaves, three bananas and one frozen banana, a pear, and a handful of cranberries. One of the newsletters I receive from Victoria Boutenko from her Greens Smoothies Blog included a [...]

Pomegranate Passion Salad

I've made an amazing discovery! Not the first person to discover this, but still....a major discovery for me. Pomegranates are my new passion! Pomegranates will now be a regular staple in my house because my hubby figured out how to get all the seeds out EASILY and without the hassle. Well, to be honest...he didn't [...]

Watermelon Brekky

One of the ways I like to start the day is with fruit. One type of fruit. Today, it's watermelon. So simple. Digests quickly and hydrates too. I'll be hungry in about 1.5 hours, so I'll take some smoothies with me.