Spinach-Banana and Cranberry Smoothie

I make smoothies daily, at least 5-6 mornings of the week. Once in a while I take a picture.

Today’s includes water, a few handful of spinach leaves, three bananas and one frozen banana, a pear, and a handful of cranberries.


One of the newsletters I receive from Victoria Boutenko from her Greens Smoothies Blog included a reminder about the value of cranberries.

I knew cranberries were good for you, but it never occurred to me to buy fresh cranberries to use in a smoothie! I took her advice and bought a few extra bags for the freezer. Now I’ll have in season, fresh cranberries even when they are out of season!

3 thoughts on “Spinach-Banana and Cranberry Smoothie

    1. I have seen frozen cranberries at some stores. I was buying mine fresh, and then freezing them. So, I don’t think it matters which way you try it…it’s just knowing that they work in smoothies. I have also juiced fresh cranberries.

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