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Pure Goodness in a Glass

If you have never juiced your own vegetables and fruit…you just haven’t experienced true taste.

I started my morning with a glass of fresh juice, made from my juicer. I juiced cucumber, celery, apple and beet. So good.

SONY DSCThe reason I make veggie/fruit juice is because of the health benefits.

Juice is liquid, so the nutrients (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytochemicals and more) pass through your digestive system into your blood quickly.

Why is that good? Because then all those good things get to your cells, helping to nourish you as well as cleanse you.

Am I worried about the sugar? Nah!

There is nothing wrong with natural fruit sugar…as long as my blood is not clogged up with excess fat. If I eat a low-fat diet (less than 10% fat) any sugar in my blood will pass through the artery walls and get to my cells quickly.

Fresh juice will leave you feeling vibrant (as long as you’re not eating junk in your diet too).

Takes too long? Nah!

I took 35 minutes this morning and made juice for my family and me. And enough to take two big jars to work. WAY better than a coffee!



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