First Ever Zucchini Pasta

I made my first ever batch of zucchini pasta and loved i!

What’s been holding me back? The contraption to make the zucchini into long julienne strips. I found a great device called a julienne peeler. I found out about it online one day…shoot I forget from where!

There is another device called a spirooli where you stick the zucchini on a machine and crank a handle. That makes really cool pasta curls but I haven’t bothered to get one yet. I will stick with this peeler (made by Zlyss) for now.

Anyway, here is the little device and the bowl of pasta.


The secret to zucchini pasta is making a great sauce. Thank you to Fat2FitonFruit (Youtube) for your terrific chili sauce recipe. Tomatoes, dates, and chili pepper…blended into deliciousness!

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