Digestion-the key to health

I recently read a book written by a naturopathic doctor based out of North Vancouver, BC. In his book, he clearly explains how our digestive system works, but most importantly, he shows how the food we eat affects our digestive organs and overall system. If you have any illness or health issues, or you sincerely [...]

Patience for Pounds

During my weight loss journey over the years, I’ve been impatient…really impatient. The most recent phase of my journey began in January, 2014. At first, the pounds came off, as they usually do, and then the weight plateaued. Usually, I veer off course because of my impatience. The feeling of doubt sets in and I [...]

I Choose Health

We all know that we are supposed to exercise...move our bodies in some way each day or at least a few times a week. We all know this, but many people, like me, don't really get it. Until now. For me, I have focused mostly on food as a way to get healthy. I am [...]

Break the Food Addiction

I feel great! Starting at the beginning of this month, I decided to refocus my efforts toward eating the way I really want to eat: whole foods that are plant-based that are also raw and low in fat. I was very successful to start, and then enjoyed a weekend away and indulged. But here is the [...]