Digestion-the key to health

I recently read a book written by a naturopathic doctor based out of North Vancouver, BC.

In his book, he clearly explains how our digestive system works, but most importantly, he shows how the food we eat affects our digestive organs and overall system.

If you have any illness or health issues, or you sincerely want to avoid getting sick, you should check out his book, Eating Alive, by Dr. Matsen.

Very informative and enlightening. He uses funny cartoons throughout the book too.


Patience for Pounds

During my weight loss journey over the years, I’ve been impatient…really impatient.

The most recent phase of my journey began in January, 2014. At first, the pounds came off, as they usually do, and then the weight plateaued. Usually, I veer off course because of my impatience. The feeling of doubt sets in and I think, “This isn’t working.” or “You can’t do it.”

This time has been different. On the days when I wasn’t as motivated, I kept telling myself, “Have faith in the process. Just keep doing what you’re doing and be patient.” Any time that feeling of doubt reared its claws and showed its fangs, I reminded myself to have faith, to keep hanging on.

Well, my patience paid off!  I’ve lost over 13 lbs since Jan. 2.

Once in a while, I treat myself to something that I normally wouldn’t eat (like a baked potato with butter and salt…yum!), but then that’s it. I get right back to my normal routine of eating the foods I believe are the healthiest for me.

In general, I am NOT a patient person. But this journey is teaching me how patience really can pay off, and my patience for lb loss is showing on my scale. Maybe I can become more patient in other areas of my life.

I Choose Health

We all know that we are supposed to exercise…move our bodies in some way each day or at least a few times a week.

We all know this, but many people, like me, don’t really get it.

Until now.

For me, I have focused mostly on food as a way to get healthy. I am only now realizing that you can only go so far by focusing on eating healthy food while sitting on the couch. I have been on my treadmill every day (on three occasions …twice in a day) because I realized I had to add exercise.

Once I got on the treadmill, all the good food I’d been eating kicked in and energized me. I am loving it.

I get up in the morning and get on the treadmill. Some days I may need a bit more sleep than others, but regardless, I get in the treadmill. For 1o minutes, 20 minutes…whatever I can fit in.

I feel pumped for the day. I eat well all day. Then as my day ends, I can’t wait to get home to jump on my treadmill again!

Right now, my treadmill is my personal trainer. I choose a few preset programs, or make my own, and voila…I don’t have to think while I run….I just run! Incline increases? I keep running. Pace gets faster? I keep moving.

My body wants me to keep going. So I will.

I want to continue to fit exercise into my daily routine. For me, consistency has always been the issue. Hopefully, I can hang on!

Break the Food Addiction

I feel great!

Starting at the beginning of this month, I decided to refocus my efforts toward eating the way I really want to eat: whole foods that are plant-based that are also raw and low in fat.

I was very successful to start, and then enjoyed a weekend away and indulged. But here is the thing. I was super irritable for the 2-3 days that followed. I was low in energy and honestly, almost felt a bit depressed.

I am a big fan of The Biggest Loser and watched a recent episode. It gave me the kickstart to get out of that funk. The next day, I got back on track.

For the last seven days, I have stuck to my commitment 100%. For the last seven days, I have used my treadmill once or twice in a day.

How I feel:

Wow! Energized. Pumped to run on the treadmill as soon as I get home-I even look forward to it. My whole body feels lighter and I feel happier.

Why the success? Here is my theory.

With all the junk in food (mainly fat, sugar and salt), we truly get addicted to the food consumed in everyday society. We crave it. No wonder it is so difficult to stop eating it.

So, I realize that when I go on a food “bender”, I still want that food when I’m done, when I decide it’s time to get back on track! But I can’t do it because it is very difficult. I want more chips and more cheese! I don’t want to eat it, so I struggle mentally and feel stressed out!

Not worth it!

Even though I feel great, and at day seven of continuously eating beautiful plants that are raw…at some point soon, I’ll be faced with a food I have loved always: chips…or…cheese.

 chips              cheese2

What will I do? The saying, “A moment on the lips…a liftime on the hips.” is starting to sink in.

If I eat those things, I’ll have seconds or minutes of pleasure through my taste buds, but then, what will follow is not appealing at all! Sluggish feeling, being irritable etc. I will feel like crap.

Although there are people out there who eat the way I am eating, and have done so for years, it is difficult for me, at this early stage, to see me eating this way for years and years without breaking down in some social situation and eating crap.

Why is it so hard for me to picture myself eating well for many years? Because I have not been successful, long-term, EVER before!

I feel like I am beating the food addiction that has trapped so many of us in a terrible diet cycle. My commitment feels more solid now, since I understand that I can’t look at weekends as “cheese time” if I want to adopt a healthy lifestyle, long term.

I think I’m getting closer to the true me that I want to be. Yippee!