I Choose Health

We all know that we are supposed to exercise…move our bodies in some way each day or at least a few times a week.

We all know this, but many people, like me, don’t really get it.

Until now.

For me, I have focused mostly on food as a way to get healthy. I am only now realizing that you can only go so far by focusing on eating healthy food while sitting on the couch. I have been on my treadmill every day (on three occasions …twice in a day) because I realized I had to add exercise.

Once I got on the treadmill, all the good food I’d been eating kicked in and energized me. I am loving it.

I get up in the morning and get on the treadmill. Some days I may need a bit more sleep than others, but regardless, I get in the treadmill. For 1o minutes, 20 minutes…whatever I can fit in.

I feel pumped for the day. I eat well all day. Then as my day ends, I can’t wait to get home to jump on my treadmill again!

Right now, my treadmill is my personal trainer. I choose a few preset programs, or make my own, and voila…I don’t have to think while I run….I just run! Incline increases? I keep running. Pace gets faster? I keep moving.

My body wants me to keep going. So I will.

I want to continue to fit exercise into my daily routine. For me, consistency has always been the issue. Hopefully, I can hang on!

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