Weight-loss Record

Patience for Pounds

During my weight loss journey over the years, I’ve been impatient…really impatient.

The most recent phase of my journey began in January, 2014. At first, the pounds came off, as they usually do, and then the weight plateaued. Usually, I veer off course because of my impatience. The feeling of doubt sets in and I think, “This isn’t working.” or “You can’t do it.”

This time has been different. On the days when I wasn’t as motivated, I kept telling myself, “Have faith in the process. Just keep doing what you’re doing and be patient.” Any time that feeling of doubt reared its claws and showed its fangs, I reminded myself to have faith, to keep hanging on.

Well, my patience paid off!  I’ve lost over 13 lbs since Jan. 2.

Once in a while, I treat myself to something that I normally wouldn’t eat (like a baked potato with butter and salt…yum!), but then that’s it. I get right back to my normal routine of eating the foods I believe are the healthiest for me.

In general, I am NOT a patient person. But this journey is teaching me how patience really can pay off, and my patience for lb loss is showing on my scale. Maybe I can become more patient in other areas of my life.


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