Days 8-12 Plant Eating Challenge

I have been so busy lately with work, I just haven't had a chance to get in a post. I am happy to say, that I have been successful with my challenge to date. I did have a wee bit of a dip made with yogurt on the weekend, but that't it. Also, I have [...]

Day 7 Plant Eating Challenge

My daughter and I have made it one week eating only plants! It's amazing how our bodies adapt to what we eat! When I was in a slump a few weeks ago, I was eating food that my heart knew was wrong for me. I ate processed junk food (aka: CRAP) and animal products such [...]

Day 6 Plant Eating Challenge

I am three pounds down, since I began this plant eating challenge. Today was successful! I took a day of rest from exercising in the am. I will be up tomorrow, before 6 a.m. to ensure I keep on track and continue with development of the habit of getting up early and working out. I [...]

Day 4 and 5 Plant-Eating Challenge

My daughter and I are both still on track with our Plant Eating Challenge, and we feel great. I had my usual two smoothies, yesterday and today, and I worked out in the am both days. Pat on the back for me! Lunch was the usual reheated homemade yumminess (stew, soup or stoup, or is [...]

Day 3 Plant Eating Challenge

Another successful day! A workout in the am 2 smoothies in the am (spinach, arugula, zuchini, bananas, frozen papaya and pineapple) homemade vegan stew for lunch banana for a late afternoon snack homemade sushi and two baked potatoes for supper My teenage daughter is doing great too! She turned down brownies and muffins in class [...]

Day 2 Plant Eating Challenge

How did I do yesterday? Pretty darn good...except for the plain Ruffle chips (my fave!) with some Helluvadip (another fave). We were visiting someone, and I gave in. I did have homemade sushi. I actually made sushi! I just gave it a whirl, and it was a big hit. I put the seaweed on my [...]