Blender Power: Squash Soup

My daughter wants me to make this soup all the time! Yummy squash soup. I looks like mustard! We like this soup quite thick; you could make it thinner by adding more liquid. How I made it: I cooked some sqash (any type will likely do) and scooped it into a blender. Today, I [...]

Easy Oatmeal for the Week

My family has been enjoying oatmeal in the morning lately. I have been making it with whole oats, and then I realized how I used to make it...with other grains added. It's funny how we move away from doing things that worked, when we veer off the path we intended. When I make hot cereal, [...]

Day 21 Plant-Eating Challenge

Written Jan. 3: This was the "official" last day of my plant-eating challenge before the holidays. I was inconsistent up to and through the rest of December. After the holidays, my weight went back up to almost where it was. This is very typical of how I move through cycles of eating healthy and eating [...]

Get Empowered by Failure!

I am beginning day 22 of my plant-eating challenge. I have had some tougher days, but overall, I'mĀ pleased with my progress. Sometimes, though, I feel like I have failed. A few days ago, I felt like a failure. Read my REBOOT postĀ about it. I overcame my attitude! It's difficult to stay on track when you [...]

Day 20 Plant-Eating Challenge: REBOOT

When I woke up this morning, I was truly discouraged. After being off track for several days, I could feel a slump beginning to develop.. I didn't want that. I dug really deep into my emotional/mental pocket, reached down and grabbed on to the one thing that I know is always there. Mental Power We [...]

Days 13 -19 Plant Eating Challenge

Well...I have some good news, and some bad news. I made it to Day 14! Then I got off track a bit. Nothing really crazy, but I did gorge on Joey's cajun fish/shrimp and chips on the weekend. I feel slumpish again. Need a boost.