Blender Power: Squash Soup

My daughter wants me to make this soup all the time!

Yummy squash soup.


I know…it looks like mustard! We like this soup quite thick; you could make it thinner by adding more liquid.

How I made it:

I cooked some sqash (any type will likely do) and scooped it into a blender. Today, I had some cooked cauliflower in the fridge, so I addes some of that too. The ratio was probably 5:1, squash to cauliflower.

I absoutely love my blender, a Blendtec. It is amazing and is worth every penny. If you want to have more versatility in the kitchen, especially on a plant-based diet, save up and by one. I hear the Vitamix is excellent too, although I don’t have any experience with that one.

I then added some liquid into the blender. For liquid, I made a combination of rice/oat milk. Next, I added the following spices: cinnamon, all spice, celery salt, garlic, ginger and salt. When we make it, we like it thick, so I add liquid as I go, watching for the consistency I want. I also threw in some green onion.

I love to create new “recipes” even though most would not call them that. I can’t give you the measurements of what I used…I continue to Ali Oop my recipes and wing them.

I encourage you to take risks in the kitchen and just play around with food. Who knows what family food treasure you will discover?

Wishing you a healthy journey.

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