Year-Long Goals Sheet

I love this tool! I used it for all of 2014, and it really helped me to see my progress with my goals. I am not posting my 2014 sheet, because I stopped tracking things in the fall (was a rough time for me).

Below, check out how this tool works. I have set up 2015, so you can see how you can use it too.

Before I do that, let me set things straight.

First off, this is NOT my idea. I got the calendar from a blog last year, but I forgot to make a note of where I got it! So, if you think your blog is where I got it, please let me know so I can credit you.

What is the Year-Long Goals Sheet?

Basically, you choose 1-4 goals that you want to track on a daily basis.

For example, your goal may be to exercise everyday. So, you mark off each day that you exercise. Over time, you get to see your progress, or lack of progress.

Maybe you want to be a writer, and you commit to writing 5 days a week. Same idea, mark off the days you have committed to your goal. Instead of using a monthlycalendar, you use a year long, condensed calendar, so you can see your year at a glance.

In order for this to work, you need to have specific goals that you can notice on a daily basis. General goals don’t fit well for this method.

Here is my Year-Long Goals Sheet that I just set up today, for 2015.


On the left side, each month is listed. Each month shows 4 rows, one for each possible goal. Across the top, you will find the days of the month.


My goals:

  1. Exercise/Move every day.
  2. Eat only plant-based foods (for me that means whole foods that are not processed)
  3. Complete my 28 Day Raw Food Cleanse from Jan. 1-28, eating only raw foods (fruit and veggies which also includes smoothies and fresh juices)

Tracking my goals:

1. I assigned a felt marker colour to each goal. Purple=moving/exercising (if I exercise twice, I put a line through the box); green = plant-based; yellow = Cleanse.

2. Each day, I fill in the square that corresponds to the day of the month, and the goal I am working toward, if I have worked toward the goal that day.

3. If I do nothing on that day, I leave the square blank.

Throughout the Year:

I have three goals to start off the year, but my Year-Long Goals Sheet has room for one more. I can add another goal later, or I can change a goal. For example, since I’m doing a cleanse in January, I can change that goal to something else in February.

I have a blank calendar below for you. Just save it as an image. Then copy it to a Word file, or some other file. Insert a text box over the title, to make your own title.

Good luck with your commitments for 2015!

If you want to hear more about my 28-day Cleanse, check out that post…I will post asap.

Blank Year-Long Goals Sheet

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  1. Great example of a goal chart Alison. I’m going to use this. Thanks for showing pics and good luck with your goals!

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