Day 15 of 28 Day Raw Food Cleanse

Day 15 (Jan. 15)

Morning Weight: down .8 lbs, with a total loss of 8.4 lbs since Day 1.

This morning officially marks the end of week 2.

My weight loss in week 1 was 7.4 lbs and in week 2 was 1 lb.

I am surprised by the loss of only 1 lb in the second week, as I am eating the same way. What is different? I know I am drinking less water than I did in the first week. In the first week I worked out 5 times, and in the second week, 4 times. So, the exercise part shouldn’t be playing the biggest factor. Perhaps I am not eating enough?

I feel good and I physically can see a difference in my body, so I will keep at it and see what’s next. I believe that this cleanse is doing my body good on the inside, so if I don’t see the numbers go down on the scale too quickly, I will remind myself that my body appreciates the food I am giving it.

In the morning, I had a jar of fresh pressed juice.

During the rest of the day I had another jar of juice, and 2 jars of smoothies.

For lunch, I had a small salad: romaine lettuce along with some tomatoes and little balsamic vinegar.

For an afternoon snack, I ate two kiwis and one banana.

Dinner was a tasty salad: arugula, zucchini, red onion, tomoato and red pepper with a whole avocado…what a treat! My dressing was just some defrosted frozen mango blended. Delightful!

To end my day, I made myself a super blueberry and banana smoothie!

I drank 1 L of water today.

Wishing you a healthy journey.

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