28 Day Raw Food Cleanse, Personal Growth, Weight-loss Record

Year-long Goals Check-in

It’s time to revisit my year-long goals to see how I am doing.

My evaluation: Pretty darn good!

Exercise Goal The first row shows my exercise results. I’ve exercised 11 out of the 17 days. I like that, alhough I can improve in this area.

Plant-based I have stuck to this goal, every day, although I do now realize that yesterday, I ate a Caesar dressing that would have had egg in it. So, I shouldn’t have filled in the box for plant-based on teh 17th. Minor error.

Raw Food Cleanse I have been on track throughout my whole cleanse, except for my blunder yesterday.

Work on Blog I have posted daily and/or done research or read other blogs/sites related to health and wellness. I am currently working on my philosophy…trying to pin point exactly what I beleive about health, and more specifically, nutrition.


Want to create your own year-long goals sheet? It’s never too late in the year to start. Click here to see more about how it works.

Wishing you a healthy journey.


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