Things are changing…

My last post was four months ago, and even then, that post was nine months after my previous one. The post was a tough one for me because it was about the negative side of things.

I was at a low. For the last year and a half, my weight climbed about 20-25 lbs! How can that be when I was already overweight by 30 lbs or so?

I have tried for years to eat healthy consistently. That was the goal, and I figured the weight would figure itself out. Since January of 2010, when I read The China Study, I’ve wanted to eat a whole foods, plant-based diet.

The typical yo-yo success followed. For periods of time, I did great, and felt great! Then I would fall off eat crappy food (pizza, chips etc.).

But…things are changing.

I’ve finally found a program that I think I can stick to. I say, “think” because I am only 33 days in.

I haven’t “walked the talk” yet. I am still on my journey to my ideal weight.

  • Class #1 30 Day Whole Food Detox
  • Class # 6 Taste bud reprogramming and eliminating food cravings
  • Class #24 Food Obsessions
  • Class #32 Protective Diet Pantry Staples
  • Class #45 Weight-loss Average on a Protective Diet
  • Class # 60 Simple Meal Planning
  • Class #82 Mastering Label Reading
Wishing you a healthy journey!

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