Focus, as needed.


Our lives are filled with too much crap. I mean, let’s be honest.

Coming at us are commitments, food, people, noise, rules, expectations, pressures…etc.

We can’t tackle it all. We can focus only on what we can handle. As I have recently discovered, mental health is just as important as physical health.

Nothing traumatic has happened in my life, but I can say that my attention has been steered in a direction that gives me pause. I’ve always been so focused on food and how it can help me be a healthier, happier person. Which it can.

But, bubbling beneath the outer physical body is our true self. Our inner world that is hidden. And when she screams out at you, it’s time to pay attention.

So, my needed focus right now is the following:

  • living in the present (as often as I can)
  • taking time for me
  • allowing myself to not be perfect
  • not being so hard on myself
  • not allowing others or my work to pierce my exterior shield that keeps me focused on my inner world

Although my eating patterns of late are not what I would call stellar, I choose to leave that focus to the side. For now.

There’s only so much we can handle. Let’s be at peace when we choose our focus, as needed.

Wishing you health on your journey,



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