My Vegucation

On my health journey, I’ve learned a lot. A LOT! I’ve read books, magazine articles, watched videos and listened to speakers and podcasts. I know plants are where it's at for good health. I’ve been convinced by information from scientific research as well as from the experiences of varied people. The most influential people who’ve [...]

My Food Path to Health

My journey to good health has had its successes and its obstacles. In my early 50’s now, I feel like I’ve finally figured out the healthiest way to eat. Finally! Actually, I’ve really known for years now, but along the way, I’ve had a hard time truly committing to it: Eat a balanced diet with [...]

Inspired to Become the REAL ME!

A week ago, on Jan. 14, I decided to become the real me. I’m really excited to let the real me blossom and to get to know her again. Nice to meet you: healthy, active and vibrant Ali! I’ve been trying since Jan. 1, 2010 to become the person I want to be. If you [...]