Progress Report #1

It’s been just over a month since I decided to transform my life. Let’s see how I’m doing.

No Alcohol at Home

Since mid-January of this year, my husband and I decided to not drink at home. We normally drank about 5 nights a week…that’s a lot! We would have wine usually, or an occasional martini. In our past attempts to reduce our alcohol intake, we decided not to drink from Monday to Thursday. Then Tuesday would hit, and it was usually me who would say, “Honey, let’s pick up a bottle of wine tonight”. So, that wasn’t working.

In January, I just decided we had to do something more radical. We would never achieve our health goals unless we changed our lifestyle. We put all our bottles of booze away, out of sight. We made a decision that we would drink only when we were out for dinner or at other social events. No drinking at home.

Well, guess what? We did it! We have, NOT EVEN ONCE, had any alcohol at home! I am so proud of us. We’ve learned that drinking at home really was just a habit. Only time will tell how long this new habit will last.

Healthy Food

We’ve been eating healthy food most of the time. We focus on potatoes, grains, veggies, beans and fruit. Most breakfasts are oatmeal with fruit, nuts and plant-based milk. My lunches (I am fed at work-I know…spoiled me!) are usually a green salad with veggies, hummus and or beans and a little balsamic/oil dressing, followed by some kind of soup (sometimes with cream) or pasta and tomato sauce or a veggie burger patty.  Sometimes I veer off course and overeat at lunch, or I eat something I know is not good for me (a few perogies with sour cream or a piece of non-whole grain bread with hummus or a faux peanut butter).

On the weekends, we’ve been going out to eat in restaurants…some weekends a bit too often. I’ve had pizza, salads with goat cheese, spinach/artichoke cheese dips etc. I am still not choosing meat (I am having shrimp at times), but I lean towards having dairy when we dine out. I think it’s sort of an excuse to “cheat”, but you know what? I’m OK with it. If I need to veer off course a bit on the weekends until I can sustain a healthy diet on a more long-term basis? So be it! Instead of being hard on myself, I am celebrating my successes!


I’ve been moving my body more…yay! For the first month, I did a walk/run combination on Saturdays. Each week, I walked/ran at an indoor track. I kept a record of the laps I ran, and increased the number each week.  6 laps = 1 mile.

Week 1: 6 laps    Week 2: 15 laps    Week 3: 16 laps    Week 4: 18 laps    Week 5: 21 laps

It is so awesome to see my progress. Is it huge? No. Is it awesome…yes! For the last two weeks, I’ve also added in 1-2 treadmill walk/runs in my basement as well as some wall push-ups and planks. It is not much, but I am DOING it!

Weight Loss

I’m down about 5-6 pounds. Yay!


I was feeling low, like I wasn’t having much success. I lost the 5 pounds in the first 2-3 weeks, and then I plateaued (probably the restaurants). I wanted the weight loss to be faster, so I didn’t think I was doing a good enough job. Then I realized how hard I was being on myself. I was looking at the negative only. I turned my thinking around and told myself…Wow! Look at the success I’ve had (see above). Look at the things I’ve stuck with. I can’t give up now! I am making progress!

My journey has taught me to keep trying and to keep checking my attitude. Remember to recognize all the awesome things you do. We can be our own worst enemy, or we can be our own best friend.


What’s Next?

A trip to Mexico in about three weeks. Yay! Escape for ten days from winter in Canada!

To give me a little boost, I’m going to do the following for as many days as I can until we leave for Mexico.

Healthy Liquids After 5

  1. Eat breakfast, lunch and snacks through the day as I normally would.
  2. After work (I’m usually home between 5 and 6 p.m.), I will drink only water, juice (juiced at home from mainly veggies/greens with some fruit), broth or tea. If I feel ravenous, I will have only raw veggies and fruit.
  3. Weekends: Stick to the above if I feel like it.

I started my Healthy Liquids After 5 yesterday and feel great! It’s amazing how light you feel when you don’t eat dinner and/or snack in the evening. I’ll report on my progress; I’m not sure how many days I will follow this plan. I am hoping to do it for at least 10 of the next 18 days.

Note: I do not believe in quick diets to lose weight, as a general rule. I believe in eating healthy and establishing patterns that lead to long-term health. However, I see nothing wrong with doing short spurts of limiting food intake (juice fast, raw foods until 4, etc.) to give ourselves a boost. The reason I’m doing this is for a short-term solution to drop some extra pounds quickly before I put on a bikini in Mexico. I recognize that as soon as I start eating in Mexico…most of the weight will be back by the time I get home. I can live with that; I will then get back to the healthy habits I am developing and work on my long-term weight loss and health.

Wishing you health and success on your journey,


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