Get the Goodness In

I love avocado. REALLY love it! It seems to be pretty popular, whether sliced on a sandwich, mashed and spread onto toast or mixed into a fine guacamole. It’s tasty, especially with a touch of lime juice and sea salt, but its most prevalent feature is its creamy, dreamy texture. The high fat content gives [...]

Let’s have a Look Inside…

We know more about a myriad of topics that we do about how our own bodies work. Sure, we know some basics, but there is so much we just take for granted and don’t really KNOW, you know? It’s absolutely amazing to think about how our bodies function because the parts seem to run in [...]

Progress Report #2

It’s been three months since I decided to transform my life, and about six weeks since my last progress report. Here’s how things are shaping up. No Alcohol at Home Early in 2018, my husband and I chose to reduce our alcohol intake by not drinking at home. It wasn’t because of an alcohol “problem”, [...]

1, 2, 3… Salad Dressing!

Recently for lunch, I made a quick salad and a homemade dressing. Making your own salad dressing is probably easy for most people (blend oil, some kind of vinegar and add some spices) but making a healthier version can be trickier if you don’t know what to do. Here are my rules/steps to make your own, oil-free dressing, which is low in [...]

Back to Reality

I’m back from Mexico, sunned and relaxed. We stayed in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle; it was my first time in Mexico not at an all inclusive. Our condo was about 5 min. from the beach and the marina in this quaint fishing village. Although we prepared a few meals in the condo, most of our [...]