Back to Reality

I’m back from Mexico, sunned and relaxed.

We stayed in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle; it was my first time in Mexico not at an all inclusive. Our condo was about 5 min. from the beach and the marina in this quaint fishing village.

Although we prepared a few meals in the condo, most of our meals were from restaurants or markets. My daughter is vegetarian, and I am mostlyplant-based, so we focused on meals without meat or seafood.

For breakfasts, our favorite place was Don Simon Café, a small café with delicious food and friendly service.

There’s no better way to start the day than with a nice hot cappuccino. They provide a nice large serving in a comforting cup, and is topped with cinnamon.


Sitting outside, watching the locals going about their day is a treat.

In the picture below, my daughter and hubby walked across the street while we waited for our breakfast. The man who owned the white truck and dogs used to have nine dogs. He had five in the truck. It turns out that the other four were killed at some point during one or more burglaries of the pharmacy next to his home. So sad.


In addition to our cappuccino infatuation, we also looked forward to the fresh juice. The café had three different choices, but our favorite was the green juice. I can’t recall all the ingredients, but the focus was spinach, pineapple and parsley. So fresh and tasty.

IMG_3215 (2)

For breakfasts we had egg dishes such as omelettes. Often, breakfasts were served with fruit or potato as well as toast.  Sometimes they were served with refried beans, but I wasn’t a big fan (usually made with lard). We also found fresh fruit with yogurt and granola as a tasty breakfast item. Overall, I was satisfied with the choices. If I’d been eating 100% plant-based, I would have asked for sautéed or grilled veggies instead of eggs and had them with fruit and toast.



Other meals in Mexico were veggie tacos, burritos and fajitas. Corn tortillas were abundant, so with some fresh guacamole, I was in heaven.

I came back from our trip the sameweight, which is a bonus. We walked a lot most days, and I didn’t have much alcohol. Some wine here and there and a few margaritas.

Overall, I feel like I had not only a relaxing time away, but I feel revived from the sun and from the healthy and fresh food options.

Now that I’m back to reality in cold Canada, I am ready to  focus on the next part of myhealth journey-continuing with my goal of eating mostly plant-based, with little alcohol and moving my body regularly. Stay tuned.

Wishing you health and success on your journey,


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  1. Sounds like a great time. Helpful to see a strategy for enjoying yourself AND eating in a healthy way. Loved the pics.

    1. It was so sunny and beautiful. As much as I appreciate my homeland in Canada, you just can’t feel anything but uplifting joy and energy when you are surrounded by sun and beauty. The health part of my healthy journey is shaping up. Getting back on track. 🙂

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