Week 4 Food Log 8.5/10…Yippee!

Week 4 Food Log 8.5/10…Yippee!

This is week # 4 of keeping track of everything I eat. The previous three weeks really showed me where I needed to tweak things to eat healthier and move closer toward my goal of losing weight. I set a goal this week to avoid all animal products, processed food, oil, sugar, salt, faux meats [...]

Week 3 Food Log 6/10

This is my third week keeping a food log. One of the things I’ve noticed is that I’ve been eating the same way for three weeks...and guess what? Nothing is really changing. With hockey playoffs and my birthday recently, there’s always an excuse to indulge. Unfortunately, a life of little indulgences leads to poor health [...]

Week 2 Food Log 6.5/10

This is my second week keeping a food log. I don’t think it changes what I eat, but it does keep a record for me to see. I like that. Sometimes we think we’re eating well, and then when we look at what we actually ate…yikes! Other times we think we’re way off course, and [...]

Quinoa + Water = Bread!

I’m so excited by my most recent discovery! Quinoa bread.  One of the issues I have with most breads today is that they’re filled with a bunch of things our body doesn’t need. Bad things too. Here’s a sampling of less-than-ideal ingredients from the Country Harvest-Ancient Grains brand, which I would say appears to be [...]

Week 1 Food Log 7/10 -formerly “progress report”

Earlier this year, I was determined to transform my life. I posted two progress reports on how I was doing. I've decided for now, to put the progress reports on hold, and instead move forward with a weekly food log. Each week, I plan to post the food I’ve eaten over that week. I’m doing [...]