Week 1 Food Log 7/10 -formerly “progress report”

Earlier this year, I was determined to transform my life. I posted two progress reports on how I was doing. I’ve decided for now, to put the progress reports on hold, and instead move forward with a weekly food log.

Each week, I plan to post the food I’ve eaten over that week. I’m doing this to a) create accountability for me and b) to show the types of food I eat on a Whole-foods, Plant-based (90%+) Diet.

I won’t record measurements of the amount of food I eat. The problem, I believe, is not the amount; it’s the food itself. Is it a whole food or a processed food? Is it a plan-based food or one with animal products? Is it cooked with or without added oils and sugar? I’ll record the amount of alcohol (since I want to track that), and I plan to document any exercise.

Items in italics are what I would call “non-compliant”, meaning they do not fit into my definition of healthy eating. Now and again, I don’t think they are a big deal, but it’s important to make a note of them, so they don’t turn into more than “now and again”. I include alcohol as italicized items too because alcohol is a toxin to the body.

Week 1 Summary: 7/10

This week I started to eat baked potatoes and roasted zucchini for breakfast. The starch satisfied me.

I gave up coffee in the morning and focused on having matcha tea lattes instead (just matcha, soy milk, dates and turmeric blended). I enjoyed them, although I didn’t have one every day.

When I look at the week, I can see I had alcohol on most days. My goal for next week is to have more days that are alcohol-free.

There were a few restaurant meals; overall I did ok with those.

I exercised three times this week (twice in one day)…I’m going to focus on doing that more often because it feels really good.

I would give this week a 7/10. There are several times when I indulged or had foods that included some non-compliant items. My body is starting to speak to me. It doesn’t like it when I eat unhealthy foods. How does my body alert me to its disappointment?

Well, not to be too gross; it’s usually unpleasant gas. Believe me, I KNOW when I haven’t eaten well. Because of this “gift”, however, I am now actually connecting the dots. Instead of having fries with a veggie burger, I am passing on those and having salad. Yay for me!

I’ve lost a couple of pounds and I’m feeling terrific and energized. Looking forward to the next seven days with confidence and excitement.

May 1

-roasted zucchini and baked potato

-snap peas

-Mandarin oranges

-mixed green salad with cucumber, hummus (not homemade, so it had oil), dressing (not homemade; had oil)

-potato wedges and green beans



-chopped salad-varied greens with beets, avocado, tomato and homemade dressing (oranges, garlic and Dijon mustard)

-corn chips (frozen and heated in oven-no oil) with avocado/greens guacamole

one glass of red wine

-yellow potatoes with chives

-one green apple vodka

May 2

-baked potato

-snap peas

-baked potato

-mixed green salad with tomato, hummus (not homemade, so it had oil), dressing (not homemade; had oil)

-salad with tomato, onion and avocado and homemade dressing (oranges, garlic and Dijon mustard)

-potato and chives

-popcorn: cooked in oil on the stove

one green apple vodka

raisin bran and soy milk (ingredients: organic soy beans and water)

May 3

-baked potato

-homemade matcha tea latte made with soy milk, matcha, turmeric and dates

-snap peas

-baked potato

-salad-with tomato and broccoli, hummus (not homemade, so it had oil), and dressing (not homemade; had oil)

rye bread with faux peanut butter and jam


-chopped salad with tomato and onion; homemade dressing-cucumber, zucchini, dates, garlic, balsamic, Dijon mustard

-homemade corn chips and guacamole

May 4

-baked potato and roasted zucchini

-snap peas

1.5 patties of Beyond Burger with tomato and lettuce (2 pieces of bread)

-wedge potatoes

-small salad of greens only with dressing (not homemade; had oil)

-about 3-4 oz of  Heineken piccolo, mixed with soda

-veggie burger (black beans) (with brioche bun lettuce, beets and garlic aioli) and kale salad from restaurant; dressing with oil

-mushroom toast from restaurant (toasted bread with onion and mushroom sauteed on top)

one Old Fashioned drink and 1 beer

May 5

-baked potato half

-Starbucks matcha tea latte (half matcha and half sugar)

-baked potato and roasted zucchini

-restaurant veggie burger (black bean and rice) on a brioche bun with lettuce, onion, tomato and aioli with salad and dressing (oil, white balsamic vinegar, Dijon,maple syrup, siracha)

one beer

-½ piece of Oreo cheesecake

—5 km walk

May 6

-homemade matcha tea latte made with soy milk, matcha, turmeric and dates

-baked potato and roasted zucchini

-quinoa bread (water and quinoa) [THIS is a  NEW discovery…I will make a separate post about it]


-homemade sun-dried tomato hummus (no oil)

beet hummus and beet chips (had oil)

-grape tomatoes


potato chips

-restaurant-garlic mashed potatoes, asparagus, mushrooms, Brussels sprouts (all likely had butter or oil, but I am not counting them as non-compliant because I got in a lot of veggies)


-3 stuffed mushrooms (cream cheese and crab)

-several glasses of red wine (over a 6 hour period)

May 7

—2 km walk

-cashew milk latte

-green smoothie (spinach, kale, cucumber, orange, apple, mango, hemp hearts, mint)

-half order of restaurant avocado toast (sourdough bread, avocado, cucumber, and alfalfa sprouts)

-arugula/kale salad with beets and a black bean patty and vinaigrette dressing (with oil)

-baked potato, chives and homemade hummus (no oil)

—20 min. of yoga

Wishing you health and success on your journey,


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