Week 8 Food Log 4.5/10

As I write this, I realize that 8 whole weeks have gone by since I started to keep a weekly food log. Wow! The first thing that came to mind was how much I could have accomplished in 8 weeks. Maybe an 8-15 lb weight loss?

Nope. The first couple of weeks were awesome, and then I kinda let things go. 8 weeks is a lot of time. Geez. What I could have done…

But wait, there are some positives here.

First…I kept a food log for 8 weeks consistently. Woo hoo! Good for me! Sometimes I felt lazy. Sometimes I forgot to record what I ate and had to really think about it or ask my husband what we had for dinner the day before. Sometimes I just didn’t feel like doing it.

In the end, I followed through with my goal and achieved it by being consistent. I won’t do a weekly food log forever, but for right now, it’s helping me see the reality of what I put in my mouth, and I’m proud of my accomplishment. 🙂

The second thing that’s positive (even though 8 weeks went by and I veered off course with my diet/eating pattern) is that I reminded myself that when I don’t achieve my goals, I’m not going to be too hard on myself because it’s ok to not be perfect. It’s actually quite a relief not feeling bad or guilty about it.

After the last few weeks of eating a lot of crap, my taste buds have adjusted to eating fatty and processed foods. I’m craving cheese, potato chips and dip, etc. That’s what happens when you don’t eat well for a few weeks.

The good news? On the last day of this week, I recommitted to eating well–whole foods that are mostly plant-based. I’m happy with how the day went, and I even fit in some exercise. Yay!

Let’s hope I can continue to eat well so I can feel and look healthy, and so I can drop some of those extra pounds.

Speaking of pounds, have a look at where I landed on the morning of June 25.

May 21 to May 28 -6.2 lbs

May 21 to June 4 -6.4 lbs

May 21 to June 11 –2.8 lbs

May 21 to June 18 -3.4 lbs

May 21 to June 25 – 0 lbs

Back to square one. Time to reset.

The key word is “reset”. I have a new opportunity to try again and be successful. I’m definitely not giving up. We can reset any time we want, which is a powerful feeling. Every single day is a new day.

Time to get back into the game instead of crying “woe is me”.

A 4.5/10  rating this week definitely says it all…a pretty poor rating, but I’m looking forward to fighting against my crappy food cravings as my taste buds adjust to the fresh and flavorful food nature has to offer (whole, plant-based foods like greens, vegetables, rice, potatoes, legumes and fruit). Once I get reset to enjoy the real, natural foods again, it will be easier to stay on track.

Here’s a quick recap of my week:

Meals in restaurants– 5 (too many)

Days without alcohol– 2 (not enough)

Exercise- 2 days (better than 0 last week, but I need to move on more days)

Here’s week 8:

June 19       

12.5 eating hours (8:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.)


-Starbucks soy latte with 2 pumps of vanilla syrup

-potato chips

-chocolate chip cookie

-ice cream with caramel sauce

-piece of bread with egg salad

-half of one Beyond Meat burger

-potato chips and dip

-cheese and crackers

-1 Greyhound cooler

-pan-fried shrimp in butter with garlic

-baked potato with sour cream and chives


June 20

16.5 hours of eating (8:00 a.m. to 12:30 a.m.)

-zucchini and sweet potato with Frank’s hot sauce

-Starbucks soy latte with 2 pumps vanilla syrup



-rice noodles with veggies and kung pao sauce from restaurant

-garlic toast from restaurant

-club soda with lime

spinach and cheese dip with tortilla chips and mini toast (buttered) from restaurant

-1 red wine sangria

-1 lime margarita

-1 glass of white wine

3 glasses of red wine

-pizza (veggies and blue cheese)

June 21

9.75 eating hours (9:45 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.)

-almond milk latte with a bit of sugar (from restaurant)

sandwich with tomato, lettuce and havarti cheese and Caesar salad (from restaurant)

-mashed potatoes with sour cream

-potato chips with dip


Caesar salad (from restaurant)

-macaroni and cheese (from restaurant)

-cheese toast (from restaurant)

-no alcohol

June 22

-9.5 eating hours (10:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.)

– almond milk latte with a bit of sugar (from restaurant)

tomato and havarti sandwich on sourdough with mayo and soup (potato and kale) (from restaurant)

-1 Old Fashioned

-1 glass of red wine

-French fries

-spring rolls made with rice paper, veggies and with hoisin sauce (from restaurant)

-Thai red curry soup with veggies (from restaurant)

Pad Thai (had oil, from restaurant)

-Thai green curry noodles and mushrooms (had oil, from restaurant)

June 23

11.5 hours of eating (9:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.)


-mashed potatoes

-Starbucks matcha tea latte made soy milk and 2 portions of cane sugar


shrimp sautéed in butter and garlic

-baked potato

-zucchini sautéed in butter and garlic


potato chips and dip

-2 glasses of red wine

June 24

11 eating hours (12:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.)

-1 hour cleaning house

-leftover Thai green curry noodles with shrimp and mushrooms (had oil, from restaurant)

-mashed potatoes with soy milk

-potato chips and dip

-2 Mike’s hard lemonade

-2 glasses of red wine

-2 oz of green apple vodka

-cheese and crackers

-grilled mushrooms, peppers, onion

rhubarb pie and vanilla ice cream

-popcorn cooked in oil

June 25

8.5 eating hours (12:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.)

-2.16 km walk

-mango juice


-Starbucks soy caramel macchiato (2 pumps of the syrup and caramel drizzle)

-salad with spinach, kale, romaine, arugula, tomato, red onion, beans (six bean variety), and homemade dressing (balsamic vinegar, mustard, garlic and onion powder)


-snap peas

-baked potato with chives

-Japanese yams with Frank’s hot sauce


-mandarin orange

I’m feeling good about my last day this week and plan to continue eating healthy most of the time.

Wishing you health and success on your journey,


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