Week 9 Food Log 9/10…down 5.6 lbs :)

I’m fighting back! After four weeks of being off track, I jumped back on!

It feels great to be eating clean, whole foods again. My success is due to 100% abstinence in the first few days. During those days (June 25-27), I did have a few cravings. I did want to “give in” to the power of crappy food. I was so close to making popcorn with oil, just to give me that fix of fat and salt that my taste buds love.

Instead of giving in? Victory!

I knew my taste buds would adjust; they just needed a few days. For our taste buds to truly no longer desire fat, sugar and salt, we need about 30 days or more of abstinence from all the fatty, sugary and salty foods that tempt us so. But I find that three days gives me what I need to get started.

If you read Part 1 of Give up?… Or Fight Back!, you’ll see that I don’t believe my struggle with health/weight is all my fault. Having said that, I do need to take responsibility for myself. No one else will do that for me. I can fight back and continue to work toward my goal of becoming more energetic and losing about 40 lbs.

This week:

-I ate 95% healthy foods: vegetables, fruit, grains and legumes

-I moved my body 6 days with walking; I even walked 2-3 times on four of those days…super awesome!

-I had 5 days without any alcohol (one of the two days when I did have alcohol included only half a glass of wine 😊

-New challenge-TV cleanse: my husband and I did not watch any TV or Netflix for 5 days (June 27-July 1). On the sixth day (July 2) we went to a movie with our daughter.

In terms of weight loss, here’s where I’m at:

May 21 to June 25: I went down 6.2 lbs, up a few lbs and back to my original weight on May 21.

June 25 to July 2 – 5.6 lbs

I’m thrilled to be down almost 6 lbs. That might seem like fast weight-loss, but that’s what can happen when you first start to eat as clean as I have for the last week.

Quick Reminder of My Rules

-I DON’T diet, portion control, count calories or weigh/measure my food, and I’m not looking for fast weight loss. I want the weight to come off naturally through eating as much healthy, whole foods as I want.

-I don’t limit the amount of food I eat. If I want to eat a big salad, followed by three baked potatoes, I do it. I CAN do it because the salad and potato don’t have any crappy ingredients like oil, sugar or refined products. I DO put salt on my potatoes at times. Salt is MY weakness. I’d like to wean off the salt altogether, but I’m not there yet.

-I continue to focus on eating plant-based foods, avoiding or greatly limiting meat, dairy, eggs, refined flour, and highly processed foods. For each meal, I choose from vegetables, fruit, grains and legumes. I use some processed items like mustard, balsamic vinegar, Frank’s hot sauce and spices, but only if they are mostly clean. If a condiment has oil, I usually won’t use it. If it has sugar, maybe, but only if it isn’t too much. I DO use pure maple syrup for dressings now and again. I watch sodium intake as well. Frank’s hot sauce is high in sodium in proportion to its calories, so I want to decrease its use. I try to make homemade sauces/dressings when possible, so I can control the ingredients.

-I aim to have my last meal about 2-5 hours before bed. The closer to 5 hours, the better.

-I want to decrease my eating window (the number of eating hours from my first bite to my last) to 6-10 hours a day, so my body can focus on repair and maintenance during the remaining hours. Ideally, I’d like to keep it at about 8 hours.

-I want to keep 5 days a week alcohol free.

-I want to move my body 6-7 days a week.

-I want to continue to watch much less TV. My husband and I haven’t decided what our next plan is after our recent 5-day TV/Netflix cleanse. We’re enjoying not watching TV, so we’ll likely keep that up for a while.

One more thing before you look over what I consumed this week. Some of the days look like I didn’t eat that much food. There are two reasons:

1) Healthy, whole foods are loaded with fibre and fill you up, so I felt full and satisfied from my meals. Some days, I ate only twice.

2) The TV/Netflix cleanse I did made a big difference. I didn’t sit on the couch for 2-4 hours each night watching tv and eating out of habit. My husband and I can easily get sucked in to whatever Netflix series we’re “hooked” on. Instead, we did other things in the evening (socializing, to-do list around the house, an evening walk, etc.).

If I keep fighting back and follow my rules 90% of the time, the weight will continue to come off, but a little more slowly. That’s just fine with me, as long as it comes off.

Here are the details of what I ate this week.

June 26

10 eating hours (12:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.)

3.4 km walk (38 min.)

-homemade soy milk latte

-mango, nectarine, orange


-sautéed pepper, mushrooms, onions, black beans and potato (sautéed in water)



-big salad with kale, romaine, spinach, arugula, broccoli, tomato, red onion, purple cabbage, cucumber, quinoa, whole wheat cous cous, lemon juice and ground black pepper. A little dressing towards the end–homemade dressing (balsamic vinegar, mustard, garlic and onion powder)


-baked potato with chives, onion, salt and pepper


-baked Japanese yams with Frank’s hot sauce

-no alcohol

June 27

9 eating hours (10:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.)

-5.5 km walk (1 hour 3 minutes)

-2.5 km walk (27.5 min.)

-homemade soy milk latte

-zucchini (chopped into large chunks and lightly cooked, with black ground pepper)

-asparagus, mushrooms, potato with onion and home homemade dressing (balsamic vinegar, mustard, garlic and onion powder) and Frank’s hot sauce


-fruit bowl: apple, mango, nectarine, Mandarin orange and banana

-salad with spinach, arugula, kale, romaine, purple cabbage, cucumber, red onion, broccoli, orange pepper, whole wheat cous cous, tri-coloured quinoa and homemade dressing (chickpeas, soy milk, garlic powder, onion powder, chili powder, lemon juice and sea salt)

-no alcohol

June 28

8.5 eating hours (8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.)

-3.75 km walk (38 min.)

-4.4 km (47 min)



-pot barley (not the more refined pearl barley) with asparagus, chickpeas, Italian parsley, lemon juice and Mrs. Dash (a rushed, on-the-go meal I ate in the car)


-almond milk latte with vanilla syrup from restaurant

-salad with spinach, arugula, Italian parsley, purple cabbage, orange and yellow pepper, tri-coloured quinoa, potato and homemade dressing (chickpeas, white navy beans [also called cannellini beans], soy milk, dates, garlic powder, onion powder, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce and sea salt)

Salad before dressing added.                                Salad, after dressing added.

-1 probiotic capsule

-no alcohol

June 29

12 eating hours (9:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.)

-no exercise


-Starbucks matcha tea latte with 1 portion sugar

-salad-potato, barley, red onion, chopped greens, tomato, red pepper, and homemade dressing. (same as June 28)

chickpea burger with peach chutney and spinach and orange salad at restaurant (had oil)


This was tasty, but you can see how much oil there is in the dressing.

-couple of bites of a sautéed mushroom and onion on polenta at restaurant (had oil)

-one bite of carrot cake

-decaf coffee with almond milk

-1 probiotic capsule

-no alcohol

June 30

-7.5 eating hours (12:30 to 8:00 p.m.)

-5.6 km (58 min.)

-salad: spinach, kale, cilantro, zucchini, tomatoes, black beans, white navy beans, barley, quinoa and homemade dressing (balsamic vinegar, mandarin orange [packed in water], mustard and garlic)



-Brussel sprouts, sautéed in water, balsamic vinegar, mustard, and Mrs. Dash and topped with a sauce (white navy beans, soy milk, garlic, Italian parsley and a bit of horseradish)

-Japanese yams with Frank’s hot sauce

-bit of baked potato with Dijon and salt

-1 probiotic capsule

-no alcohol

July 1 (Canada Day!)

7 eating hours (11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.)

-5.7 km walk (1hr. 1 min.)

-1 km walk (11 min.)

-fruit bowl: banana, kiwi, mango, Mandarin orange

-3 baked potatoes

2 Mike’s Hard Lemonade

-1/2 Greyhound cooler

-salad: spinach, kale, arugula, Italian parsley, cilantro, black beans, white navy beans, red pepper, yellow pepper, broccoli, barley, quinoa with homemade dressing (balsamic vinegar, mustard, Mandarin orange slices [water packed], maple syrup and garlic)

-home baked tortilla chips with homemade hummus (chickpeas, tahini, soy milk, dates, lemon juice, garlic, cumin, sea salt)

-homemade quinoa bread (tri-coloured quinoa, Mrs. Dash and water)

Greek salad layered dip: hummus, tzatziki, tomatoes, cucumber, and black olives topped with feta cheese

-corn on the cob

potato salad (with mayo)

-coleslaw (with mayo)

-potato and cheese casserole (likely mayo/oil as well)

-chocolate cake

July 2

6.25 eating hours (12:30 p.m. to 6:45 p.m.)

-4.3 km walk (44 min.)

-2 km walk (22 min.)

-2.4 km walk (27 min)

-Starbucks Roobois tea soy milk latte with 2 pumps sugar

-fruit bowl: apple, Mandarin orange, banana and grapes


-home baked corn chips and homemade hummus (chickpeas, tahini, soy milk, dates, lemon juice, garlic, cumin, sea salt)

– salad: spinach, kale, arugula, Italian parsley, cilantro, black beans, white navy beans, red pepper, yellow pepper, broccoli, barley, quinoa with homemade dressing (balsamic vinegar, mustard, Mandarin orange slices [water packed], maple syrup and garlic)

-home baked tortilla chips with homemade hummus (chickpeas, tahini, soy milk, dates, lemon juice, garlic, cumin, sea salt)

-baked potatoes with homemade horseradish bean sauce (white navy beans [cannellini beans], horseradish, soy milk, garlic)

-homemade quinoa bread (see recipe) with homemade hummus (see above)


Quinoa bread cooking in oven.

1/2 glass of red wine

-1 probiotic capsule

Note: this last day of the week I went to a movie with my hubbie and daughter. They ate popcorn, candy and a soft drink. Not me. Just water. 😊 I felt tempted and deprived for maybe 5 min. Then I used my power to overpower the call of salty/fatty crappy popcorn that only causes havoc in our bodies.

Feeling good about my week. I do have a social event tonight that will test me for sure. This week also includes my wedding anniversary. We’ll see how I do this week.

Wishing you health and success on your journey,


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