Week 13 Lifestyle Log…6/11

Starting this week, I’m changing two things:

  1. Changing the name of my health log, to Lifestyle Log.
  2. Recording my Lifestyle Log at a glance.

I’ll continue to record a detailed log for my own analysis, but for my A Journey to Chew On report, I’m going to stick to the at-a-glance format. I think there’s more value to other people, and to me, by doing it this way.

I realized over the previous 12 weeks, I could see patterns in my eating, drinking, and exercise. I noticed it was not only the patterns, but the overall lifestyle habits that were more important.

Purpose for sharing my Lifestyle Log each week:

  1. Stay aware of my habits
  2. Create accountability for me (others will see my habits)
  3. Show how we can analyse our habits to gain personal insights
  4. Show my weight loss, to date
  5. Show how changes in lifestyle habits lead to greater health and an ideal weight
  6. Show how we have the power to make changes in our lifestyle when we see the log data

Of course, if my lifestyle habits stay mostly unchanged from week to week, I won’t see improvements in health or weight loss.

The key is for me to learn from the lifestyle log information, and then take action.

I’ll need to reflect on the data. Do I need to pay more attention to one area? Do I need to adjust my weekly goals to make them more challenging or less challenging?

By learning from my log, I can make changes in my lifestyle habits that will lead to weight loss and optimal health.

Although I currently don’t have any real health issues, getting to my ideal weight will mean I’m healthier on the inside, even though I can’t see “inside”.

The Lifestyle Log is in three parts:

  1. Lifestyle Log of my habits
  2. Legend (explanation of my habits)
  3. Weight loss…to date

Week 13: July 24-30

1. Lifestyle Log

Lifestyle Log Week 13

2. Legend for Lifestyle Log

90% + Unprocessed: 90% or more of the food I ate was unprocessed. If I do consume processed foods that are healthier, I will include them in the unprocessed category. If I use mustard/balsamic vinegar for a dressing, for example, I’d count that as part of the 10% processed. If I go beyond, by eating foods like potato chips, it counts as processed and more than 10%.  This isn’t an exact science; I’m happy to just estimate.

90%+ Plant Based: 90% or more of my food was plant based. If I eat any meat or eggs, I count that automatically as NOT 90% plant-based.  If I have any dairy, I’ll look at how much and why. Was it a small amount in a food, or did I consciously give in to cheese or ice cream?

No Flour and No Wheat: I didn’t eat any food made with flour or wheat. Both can be part of a healthy diet, but for me, right now, I want to leave them out of my diet.

No Fried Foods and No Oil: I didn’t eat any foods that were fried or sautéed in oil or that had added oil.

Alcohol Free: A full day without any alcohol counts. as an alcohol-free day. If I had a dessert that had rum in it, though, I wouldn’t count that as having alcohol.

Eating Hours < 10: Everything I ate in a day was consumed within a 10-hour period or less. My eating hours begin with the first solid food of the day, so not a coffee/latte.

Exercise: Exercise, to me, is a specific movement that requires more energy than walking to and from the car, grocery shopping, or climbing the stairs in my house. Going for a walk does count. Housekeeping counts if it takes an hour or more, and if I’m exerting enough energy that it feels like the effort I use in a brisk walk.

TV Free: No TV watching, which includes cable, Netflix or other platform for watching shows and movies. If I see part of a hockey game at a bar/restaurant, or if I go to a movie at the theatre, those don’t count as TV watching. I want to monitor when I’m sitting on my butt at home watching TV.

# of Alcohol Drinks: The total number of alcoholic beverages consumed within the week. I’m NOT getting technical here. I count the beverage as it is served. If I have a 6 oz or a 9 oz glass of wine, I’m counting each as 1 drink.

# of Restaurant Meals: This is food from a restaurant or store. Take out, delivery or dining in counts. Only if I’m certain there are very clean ingredients (like a salad with no dressing), or the food is a clean dish from a particular healthy restaurant, like Freshi, I won’t count it. Any other meals in restaurants or that are pre-made from a store will count.

# of km Walked:  The total number of kilometres (km) I’ve walked in one week, regardless of how many days I walked.

Legend Notes:

Water: Consuming water through the day is an important healthy habit. I’m choosing not to record the amount of water I drink because I find it too tedious to do so, even when I’ve used an app in the past. I drink about 1-2 litres of water on most days.

Sleep: It’s super important to get enough sleep. I wake up in the night, sometimes once, and sometimes 2-3 times. It would be difficult to accurately record my hours of sleep right now, and it’s not a big concern, so I’ve left sleep quality off my lifestyle log for now. I may add it later on in my journey.

3. Weight Loss (in lbs)

Weight Loss Table


Recording my habits on this at-a-glance log  format has been really helpful. I encourage you to do something similar if you’re interested in gaining insights into your own lifestyle habits.

Although I chose to track 11 habits, it’s probably easier keep a record of fewer habits. The reason I have such a long list is because I’ve been tracking habits over the past 13 weeks. Each week, I seemed to notice another habit that seemed important.

If you’re just starting out, try watching 3-4 of your lifestlyle habits. If that’s too many, pick 1-2 to monitor. You might be surprised at what you learn about yourself.

Wishing you health and success on your journey,


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