Week 14 Lifestyle Log…9/12

I just love keeping my Lifestyle Log.


Because it works! For week # 14, I met most of my goals, AND I had improved weight loss due to the changes I made.

Something to note: I revised the log habits a bit this week.

–A NEW habit I added to the Lifestyle Log: Up by 8:00 a.m. (see legend below).

–I also revised one of my habits: I’m now recoding my km walked as Walked/Ran. Some days I only walk, but on other days I include shorter periods of running with my walking.

My Lifestyle Log is in three parts:

  1. Lifestyle Log (log/record of my habits)
  2. Legend (explanation of my habits)
  3. Weight loss…to date

Let’s have a look at how I did this week.

Week 14

  1. Lifestyle Log: July 31-Aug. 6

LLog week 14

*Note: My goals for next week have been adjusted slightly because I’m going on a road trip for about four days.

  1. Legend for Lifestyle Log

90% + Unprocessed: 90% or more of the food I ate was unprocessed. Processed foods include healthier jarred/bottled condiments. If I use mustard/balsamic vinegar for a dressing, I’d count that as part of the 10% processed. If I go beyond, by eating foods like potato chips, it counts as processed and more than 10%.  This isn’t an exact science; I’ll estimate.

90%+ Plant Based: 90% or more of my food was plant based. If I eat any meat or eggs, I count that automatically as NOT 90% plant-based.  If I have any dairy, I’ll look at how much and why. Was it a small amount in a food, or did I consciously give in to cheese or ice cream?

No Flour and No Wheat: I didn’t eat any food made with flour or wheat. Both can be part of a healthy diet, but for me, right now, I want to leave them out of my diet.

No Fried Foods and No Oil: I didn’t eat any foods that were fried/sautéed in oil or that had added oil.

Alcohol-free: A full day without any alcohol counts. If I had a dessert that had rum in it, though, I wouldn’t count that.

Eating Hours < 10: Everything I ate in a day was consumed within a 10-hour period, or less. I start with the first solid food, so not a coffee/latte.

Exercise: I count exercise as specific movement that requires more energy than walking to and from the car, grocery shopping, or climbing the stairs in my house. Going for a walk does count. Housekeeping counts if it takes an hour or more, and I’m exerting enough energy that it feels like when I go for a walk.

TV Free: I did not watch any TV: cable, Netflix or other platform for watching shows and movies. If I see part of a hockey game at a bar/restaurant or I go to a movie in the theatre, those do not count as TV. I want to record when I’m sitting on my butt at home watching TV.

Up by 8:00 a.m.: I’m up, out of bed, and starting my day by 8:00 a.m. As a teacher, I have the summer off, but I want most of my days to be productive.

# of Alcoholic Drinks: The total number of alcoholic beverages consumed within the week.

# of Restaurant Meals: Food from a restaurant or store. Take out, delivered or dining in counts. If I’m certain there are very clean ingredients (like a salad with no dressing) in a restaurant meal, or the food is from a particular healthy restaurant whose ingredients are clean, like Freshi, I won’t count it as a restaurant meal.

# km Walked/Ran:  The total number of kms I’ve walked or walked/ran in one week, regardless of how many days.

Legend Notes:

Water: Consuming water through the day is an important healthy habit. I don’t record the amount of water I drink because I find it too tedious to do so, even when I’ve used an app. I drink about 1-2 litres of water on most days.

Sleep: It’s super important to get enough sleep. I wake up during the night, sometimes once, and sometimes 2-3 times. It would be difficult to accurately record my hours of sleep right now, and it’s not a concern, so I’ve left sleep quality off my lifestyle log.

  1. Weight Loss* (in lbs)

* I’ve been working at losing weight for years, like so many of us.

-Since Jan. 1, 2018, I put a concerted effort towards getting back on track by eating healthier. Between January and June, my efforts and results varied.

-Since June 25, 2018, however, I’ve been losing weight at a slow, but steady rate. I attribute my success to using my lifestyle log (formerly called a health log or food log) to help me achieve me goals.

Paying attention to my habits is working! I’m down 10 lbs since Jan. 1! 😊

Weightloss log week 14

I’m actually happy with a 10 lb weight loss since January. To some, that might not seem like very much weight loss over 7 months. To me, I see success.

In the past I was always so impatient for my weight to go down. I wanted it to happen FAST! I was disappointed if I didn’t drop at least 3 lbs in a week. Now, I realize my body is adjusting to my improved lifestyle habits, and it’s getting rid of the excess weight at its own pace.

I think I’m actually becoming more patient…shocker! I’m giving my body the time it needs, instead of rushing it.

So what if it took me 7 months to lose 10 lbs? That’s still 10 lbs of weight I don’t have to carry around with me.  Yee ha!ScaleandMeasuringTape

Free image from Pexels

We’re so used to seeing reports of people losing huge amounts of weight in a short time that we expect our own weight loss to be speedy. If we don’t have the same success, we feel like failures. We hear things like: “She lost 50 lbs in 3 months!” or “He dropped 20 lbs in 1 month!”

We think, “Wow! Maybe I can do that too!”

I’m not saying fast weight loss doesn’t happen; it does. The problem is most people who lose weight quickly, through a “diet” that isn’t sustainable over time, will gain most of the weight back.

This week has shown me that if I keep working toward my lifestyle habit goals, I’ll have success. I just have to accept the fact that victory takes a bit of time.

I can wait for the weight.

Wishing you health and success on your journey,







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