Week 15 Lifestyle Log…8/12

Thrilled with 1.8 lbs of weight lost this week. My Lifestyle Log is really helping me make progress with my goals.

This week, I met 8 out of 12 of my goals. 😊

I’m satisfied not meeting 4 of my goals because for four days, I was on a road trip. You know that healthy eating on a road trip can be tricky. Things could have been MUCH worse!

Normally on a road trip, I’d eat tons of processed food and fast food. Fried foods, refined flours and animal products would be high up on the traveling menu.

In the past, I would’ve taken very little healthy food with me and eaten all of my meals in restaurants.

2-3 meals a day would probably have been from restaurants, which would mean eating a lot of things I would normally not consume. I used to look at restaurant meals on a road trip as the highlight of my day, pigging out on all kinds of crap. I had “permission” to eat whatever I wanted.

On this adventure…I had only 5 restaurant meals (usually, a 4-day road trip would have meant 8-12 restaurant meals). So, 5 is awesome!!

How did I do it?

We (hubby, daughter and me) snacked on premade fruit bowls (yum), raw veggies (carrots, pepper, snap peas, grape tomatoes, mini-cucumbers), raw nuts with seeds/dried fruit, and healthy crackers and homemade corn chips.

We also prepared some collard green rolls, which were stuffed with brown rice, black beans, red onions and tomatoes. We had tons of food with us!

Check out some of the prepped food sitting in my fridge the night before we left.

On our first day on the road, we stopped at a rest stop and had these premade beauties for lunch.


Along with our food, we brought reusable plastic plates, cutlery and cups. It felt so great to eat healthy food while traveling.

I’m no angel though; some of our food was unhealthy.

Junk food was preplanned.

To counter the dangers of eating too much crap, we made a rule to eat our healthy snacks and lunch, before we pulled out the “evil” treats like potato chips, salty/oily nuts and salted/seasoned sunflower seeds (you might think sunflower seeds in the shell are healthy, but check out the ingredients on whatever brand you buy).

Stay tuned for a Food Watch post about sunflower seeds in the shell.

I know potato chips aren’t healthy, but they’re my weakness when it comes to junk food. Eating chips is almost always a preplanned treat for me.

I’m happy to enjoy a little man-made crap once in a while. As long as it’s really only once in a while, and not every week. I crowd out any unhealthy food with all the healthy food I eat, so I’m not worried about an occasional treat…and there is NO GUILT.

Regarding my Lifestyle Log habit goals for this week. I adapted my goals to be more realistic on a road trip because I knew most of my routines would fly out the window.

It had been a while since I hit the highway, so I realize now that my goals could have been adjusted even more. No biggie. I’m home now, and back on track.

On my first day home from my adventure, I took some cucumbers that were left over from the road trip, and blended them up whole. Then I strained them into a yummy cleansing juice. I did the same with the leftover snap peas. So tasty!

I wanted to eat all our leftovers before we went grocery shopping.

I’m still madly in LOVE with my Lifestyle Log…it continues to serve me, helping me stay aware of what I’m doing.

My habits either contribute to, or hinder, my goals to pursue optimal health and an ideal weight. Seeing those habits on the screen is very enlightening.

Ok. Let’s have a look at this past week.

My Lifestyle Log is in three parts:

  1. Log of my habits
  2. Legend (explanation of my habits)
  3. Weight loss…to date

Week 15

  1. Lifestyle Log: Aug. 7 – 13

Lifestyle Log v2

  1. Legend for Lifestyle Log

90% + Unprocessed: 90% or more of the food I ate was unprocessed. Processed foods include healthier jarred/bottled condiments. If I use mustard/balsamic vinegar for a dressing, I’d count that as part of the 10% processed. If I go beyond, by eating foods like potato chips, it counts as processed and more than 10%.  This isn’t an exact science; I’ll estimate.

90%+ Plant Based: 90% or more of my food was plant based. If I eat any meat or eggs, I count that automatically as NOT 90% plant-based.  If I have any dairy, I’ll look at how much and why. Was it a small amount in a food, or did I consciously give in to cheese or ice cream?

No Flour and No Wheat: I didn’t eat any food made with flour or wheat. Both can be part of a healthy diet, but for me, right now, I want to leave them out of my diet.

No Fried Foods and No Oil: I didn’t eat any foods that were fried/sautéed in oil or that had added oil.

Alcohol-free: A full day without any alcohol counts. If I had a dessert that had rum in it, though, I wouldn’t count that.

Eating Hours < 10: Everything I ate in a day was consumed within a 10-hour period, or less. I start with the first solid food, so not a coffee/latte. This means my body will be fasting for a 14 hour period.

Exercise: I count exercise as specific movement that requires more energy than walking to and from the car, grocery shopping, or climbing the stairs in my house. Going for a walk does count. Housekeeping counts if it takes an hour or more, and I’m exerting enough energy that it feels like when I go for a walk.

TV Free: I did not watch any TV: cable, Netflix or other platform for watching shows and movies. If I see part of a hockey game at a bar/restaurant or I go to a movie in the theatre, those do not count as TV. I want to record when I’m sitting on my butt at home watching TV.

Up by 8:00 a.m.: I’m up, out of bed, and starting my day by 8:00 a.m. As a teacher, I have the summer off, but I want most of my days to be productive.

# of Alcoholic Drinks: The total number of alcoholic beverages consumed within the week.

# of Restaurant Meals: Food from a restaurant or store. Take out, delivered or dining in counts. If I’m certain there are very clean ingredients (like a salad with no dressing) in a restaurant meal, or the food is from a particular healthy restaurant whose ingredients are clean, like Freshi, I won’t count it as a restaurant meal.

# km Walked/Ran:  The total number of kms I’ve walked or walked/ran in one week, regardless of how many days.

Legend Notes:

Water: Consuming water through the day is an important healthy habit. I don’t record the amount of water I drink because I find it too tedious to do so, even when I’ve used an app. I drink about 1-2 litres of water on most days.

Sleep: It’s super important to get enough sleep. I wake up during the night, sometimes once, and sometimes 2-3 times. It would be difficult to accurately record my hours of sleep right now, and it’s not a concern, so I’ve left sleep quality off my lifestyle log.

  1. Weight Loss* (in lbs)

* I’ve been working at losing weight for years, like so many of us.

-Since Jan. 1, 2018, I put a concerted effort towards getting back on track by eating healthier. Between January and June, my efforts varied.

-Since June 25, 2018, however, I’ve been losing weight at a slow, but steady rate. I attribute my success to using my lifestyle log (formerly called a health log or food log) to help me achieve me goals.

Paying attention to my lifestyle habits is working! I’m down 11.8 lbs since Jan. 1, 2018! 😊

Weight Loss

Even with a 4-day road trip…

…keeping my lifestyle habits in mind, and tracking them, has made a difference.

If you’ve never tracked your lifestyle habits, give it a try. Start with 2-3 habits and see what you notice.

Wishing you success and health on your journey,



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