Keep learning! That’s my motto.

I love to learn and have gained so much knowledge from so many amazing people. The books on this page are ones that have helped me in some way. Some are nutrition bibles and others have provided me with a different perspective or just added to what I already knew.

It’s one thing to want to get healthier. It’s another thing altogether when you understand what is behind being healthy.

Each of the books is rated between 1-10:

10: A MUST HAVE book

9: Highly recommended

8. Excellent information

7. Good source of information

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The China Study by T. Colin Campbell Rating: 10

This book is first on my list because it is the one that had the greatest impact on my outlook on food. The information is based on scientific, peer-reviewed research. No gimmicks here. You’ll learn about how we need to greatly reduce or eliminate animal products from our diet if we want to avoid cancer and other health problems. Dr. Campbell is probably the most well-known scientist and doctor on the subject of plant-based eating. This book revolutionized how people are thinking of food. He appears in several documentaries, including the well-known Forks Over Knives.


How to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease by Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn Rating: 10

This book is based on research and clinical trials that prove heart disease can be prevented and reversed, based on what we eat. It is as simple as that. In this book, you’ll learn the real deal on what happens when we consume saturated fat, cholesterol and oils. You’ll discover how our endothelium, which lines our artery walls and is designed to keep our blood flowing smoothly, is easily damaged by fats and oils. Dr. Esselstyn is a renowned expert on how a plant-based diet leads to optimal health, and he has appeared in multiple documentaries, including Forks Over Knives.


The Starch Solution by Dr. John McDougall Rating: 10

Dr. McDougall helps to solidify why human beings are designed to eat and live on starches. So many diets and fads have made most people think that carbs are taboo if you want to be at a healthy weight and in good health. It’s not the potatoes that are doing you harm. It’s the steak you have with them and the butter, sour cream and bacon you pile on top of the potato. Through his own practice and research, Dr. McDougall has documented decades of evidence that a whole foods, plant-based diet will squash chronic diseases in their path. He has appeared in many documentaries, including Forks over Knives.starch

How Not to Die by Dr. Michael Greger  Rating: 10

Dr. Greger and his team at comb through every single nutrition study in all the scientific journals, each and every year! He believes in making decisions about what to eat based on the latest research. He organizes his book into chapters based on diseases most likely to kill us. Chapter 1: How Not to Die from Heart Disease. Chapter 11: How Not to Die from Breast Cancer. Dr. Greger has appeared in several documentaries, including Food Choices.How Not to Die

How Not to Die Cookbook by Dr. Michael Greger  Rating: 9

Dr. Greger was asked so often for recipes and details about what he and his family eat, that he put together a cookbook. Tons of good things here. He also has an app called the Daily Dozen, which is a list of foods, and the number of servings to have each day.

Unprocessed by Chef AJ Rating: 9 and The Secrets to Ultimate Weight Loss by Chef AJ  Rating: 10

Another valuable source of information is Chef AJ. If you’ve never heard of her, check her out on YouTube.  She has two books out. The first is Unprocessed, and her most recent one is The Secrets to Ultimate Weight Loss. Chef AJ has lost and kept off about 50 lbs and has a system of eating whole, plant-based foods. She also avoids SOFAS foods (Sugar, Oil, Flour, Alcohol and Salt). She calls her self a food addict in recovery and provides very specific advice as to how we can eat healthy and still enjoy food. There are oodles of YouTube videos on her channel.

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The Pleasure Trap by Douglas J. Lisle and Alan Goldhammer Rating: 8/10

This book helps us understand why we are drawn to certain foods. It doesn’t give us the excuse to throw our hands in the air, but it does let us know that our food struggle is not our fault. The focus is the psychology of health. If you really are health conscious, then give this book a try.


The Vegan Slow Cooker: Simply Set it and Go with 150 Recipes by Kathy Hester Rating: 8/10

In this jam-packed recipe book, you’ll find your way to meals that are ready when you come in the door. If you haven’t used your slow cooker in a while, or just haven’t had the right recipe book that focuses on plant-based foods, give it a try. Hester goes beyond soups and stews here; she includes recipes for lasagna and dessert too!


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