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Day 7 Plant Eating Challenge

My daughter and I have made it one week eating only plants!

It’s amazing how our bodies adapt to what we eat! When I was in a slump a few weeks ago, I was eating food that my heart knew was wrong for me. I ate processed junk food (aka: CRAP) and animal products such as: chips, McDonald fries, pizza, chicken fingers…I mean…YUCK!

The reason I kept eating crap is because my body wanted more. Why?

1. The salt and fat (probably some sugar in there somewhere too) in those processed foods is addictive. Companies design the food that way. And, I knew this while I was eating it, and I didn’t care! That’s how bad my slump was. I couldn’t get enough of it. If you want to learn more about the addictive powers of sugar, salt and fat, check out the book with the same title:


2. My taste buds wanted more fat and more salt. I craved those foods. In fact, I frequently turned up my nose at any vegetables. Now, my taste buds are as they are meant to be (not manipulated by the concoctions of processed food). When I eat cooked potato, WITHOUT any butter, it tastes good. I will be honest here, and say that I still use salt, and my husband often thinks it is too much. But, if I have to use a little more salt than I need to transition to plants? So be it. I can work on decreasing it later.

3. For me personally, part of my slump was related to my braces (just got them three months ago). Eating salad greens is not a whole lot of fun with braces. So, that had me drawn to soft foods and away from crunchier vegetables. Now, I just eat more green smoothies, and basically, my smoothie is my salad.

4. Another reason I kept eating that way is because, well, like I said, I was in a slump. It was easier to buy something premade than it was to think about preparing something. It was easier to just give in. I could see my weight increasing, so that didn’t help either. Slump continued.

I am so happy to say that my slump is over!

Each day, I am focused on accomplishing my other goals at the moment: working out every day (almost) and staying on top of my work commitments.

I don’t think about food at all, unless it is to think about what I might throw together for dinner. I don’t fantacize about the food I am going to eat later, like I used to. I don’t dive into bad food when I feel stressed.

First off, I feel way less stress.

And secondly, I deal with my stress in other ways, at least so far. I really like deep breathing. If I am on my way home from work, I often take many deep breaths, and push out the leftover busyness/stress from the day.

We just finished dinner: kale chips followed by baked sweet potato and regular potato fries. All cooked in my oven.

I don’t feel bloated or guilty. I feel satisfied and at peace.

What a concept!

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Time to Renew

I haven’t posted since the middle of July. I was married in early July, and then went on my honeymoon in August.

Right after that, my sister and I hopped on a plane to visit our dying father. We were able to say our goodbyes, which was good, because he passed away three weeks later.

What has happened since then has surprised me. I have been way off track in terms of my health. Usually, when this happens, I am able to kickstart myself into getting back on track.

Not this time.

All of September and October were just low months for me. I would decide to eat well, and then the same day, I would give up. This past week, the first week in November, has been much better.

One of the things that has helped me is the book, The Monk who Sold his Ferrari, by Robin Sharma. I found it on the bookstore shelves in the summer, when I was looking for an inspirational read. I was only able to get to it a few weeks ago.

monk cover

Why is this book so great? I canno speak for others, but for me, it redirected my thoughts to the fact that I am in charge of my mind, and therefore; I am in charge of my life.

Here are just a few quotes that have stood out for me, just in one particular chapter (chapter 7).

  • Worry drains the mind of much of its power, and sooner or later, it injures the soul.
  • The average person has 60 000 thoughts per day, and 95% of them are the same thoughts from the day before.
  • Dare to dust off your dreams.
  • The boundaries of your life are merely creations of the self.

These words, and many other ideas from the book have reminded me that I am creating my own life. I don’t want to find myself 20 years from now, having the same thoughts every day about losing weight and getting healthy. I would like to reach my goals well before then.

If you need a recharge, try this book. It reveals many techniques, ideas and new habits that may give you the same boost I needed.

I feel a greater sense of calm in my thinking and in my life, since reading the book. Now, I need to take some of the specific techniques and give them a try.

Hoping your journey is healthy.

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Digestion-the key to health

I recently read a book written by a naturopathic doctor based out of North Vancouver, BC.

In his book, he clearly explains how our digestive system works, but most importantly, he shows how the food we eat affects our digestive organs and overall system.

If you have any illness or health issues, or you sincerely want to avoid getting sick, you should check out his book, Eating Alive, by Dr. Matsen.

Very informative and enlightening. He uses funny cartoons throughout the book too.


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Disease-Proof Your Child


As a parent, I greatly appreciate learning about how to provide nourshing food for my child. Dr. Joel Fuhrman, in Disease-Proof Your Child will give you valuable information on how to feed your children from their newborn stage and beyond. You will learn that if your children are having repeated ear infections, there is something lacking in their diet. Teach your children how to eat healthy, and they will adopt this habit. The earlier they start, the better!

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Eat to Live


Eat to Live, by Dr.  Joel Fuhrman, is common sense, once you understand his view on how to eat for health. His main message is that most of us are not eating enough nutrrient-dense food and are eating too much food that greatly lacks nutrients. In this book, I discovered more details about the incredible value of whole foods whose nutrients are not stripped by processing. Give this book a read if you’re interested in eating for health, which will ultimately lead you to your ideal weight.

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Green for Life

green for life

The book, Green for Life, by Victoria Boutenko, was a wonderful discovery for me.

Most of us know that we need to eat more greens, but we find it hard to get enough of them into our diet. This book will teach you not only about the incredible nutritional value that leafy greens contain, it will also show you how easy it is to get these greens into your daily meals. How?


It was unbelievable to me that I could make a smoothie that tasted sweet, with delicious fresh, ripe fruit in it…and that it also had spinach or kale or some other leafy green powerhouse. Since I’ve read this book, I have made smoothies for me and my family almost every morning. Not only can you throw in healthy greens, you can add some omega 3 foods like ground flax seeds, hemp seeds or chia seeds.

Don’t be afraid to try smoothies…all you need is a blender. I use an old one that still works fine. Sure, a fancy Vitamix would be cool, and it does wonders, but it is not necessary to get started.

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Hungry for Change


This documentary reveals how our society has moved from eating real, whole foods to eating food-like products. Many of us are unhappy with our health or our weight, yet we put unhealthy foods inside our body every day. “Hungry for Change” is enaging and interesting. I learned a lot from this video.

“Hungry for Change” is available on Netflix, but check out the YouTube trailer to see if it’s for you. It is also a book.