Progress Report #2

It’s been three months since I decided to transform my life, and about six weeks since my last progress report. Here’s how things are shaping up. No Alcohol at Home Early in 2018, my husband and I chose to reduce our alcohol intake by not drinking at home. It wasn’t because of an alcohol “problem”, [...]

My Vegucation

On my health journey, I’ve learned a lot. A LOT! I’ve read books, magazine articles, watched videos and listened to speakers and podcasts. I know plants are where it's at for good health. I’ve been convinced by information from scientific research as well as from the experiences of varied people. The most influential people who’ve [...]

Day 7 Plant Eating Challenge

My daughter and I have made it one week eating only plants! It's amazing how our bodies adapt to what we eat! When I was in a slump a few weeks ago, I was eating food that my heart knew was wrong for me. I ate processed junk food (aka: CRAP) and animal products such [...]

Time to Renew

I haven't posted since the middle of July. I was married in early July, and then went on my honeymoon in August. Right after that, my sister and I hopped on a plane to visit our dying father. We were able to say our goodbyes, which was good, because he passed away three weeks later. [...]

Digestion-the key to health

I recently read a book written by a naturopathic doctor based out of North Vancouver, BC. In his book, he clearly explains how our digestive system works, but most importantly, he shows how the food we eat affects our digestive organs and overall system. If you have any illness or health issues, or you sincerely [...]

Disease-Proof Your Child

As a parent, I greatly appreciate learning about how to provide nourshing food for my child. Dr. Joel Fuhrman, in Disease-Proof Your Child will give you valuable information on how to feed your children from their newborn stage and beyond. You will learn that if your children are having repeated ear infections, there is something [...]