Waking Up

Enjoyed my espresso coffee with soy milk this morning. 🙂 

At this time, I’m drinking coffee, but in the past I’ve gone a few years without it. 
My long term goal is to eliminate coffee, but for the time being, I have greater mountains to climb on my plant-based health journey.

Wishing you health on your journey.



Things are changing…

My last post was four months ago, and even then, that post was nine months after my previous one. The post was a tough one for me because it was about the negative side of things.

I was at a low. For the last year and a half, my weight climbed about 20-25 lbs! How can that be when I was already overweight by 30 lbs or so?

I have tried for years to eat healthy consistently. That was the goal, and I figured the weight would figure itself out. Since January of 2010, when I read The China Study, I’ve wanted to eat a whole foods, plant-based diet.

The typical yo-yo success followed. For periods of time, I did great, and felt great! Then I would fall off eat crappy food (pizza, chips etc.).

But…things are changing.

I’ve finally found a program that I think I can stick to. I say, “think” because I am only 33 days in.

I haven’t “walked the talk” yet. I am still on my journey to my ideal weight.


  • Class #1 30 Day Whole Food Detox
  • Class # 6 Taste bud reprogramming and eliminating food cravings
  • Class #24 Food Obsessions
  • Class #32 Protective Diet Pantry Staples
  • Class #45 Weight-loss Average on a Protective Diet
  • Class # 60 Simple Meal Planning
  • Class #82 Mastering Label Reading
Wishing you a healthy journey!

Feeling like a Failure

I usually only write when I have positive ideas to share…mainly so others can benefit from my posts.

Today, I feel disappointed for falling back to eating unhealthy food…again. It has been weeks and even months. I read a post on a Facebook page today that inspired me and reminded me that I have been successful before.

Eating well can be difficult, long term. That’s my struggle.

I will keep at it. Maybe, I can get back up on that horse again. If I work at it. Stay tuned.


Day 27 of 28 Day Raw Food Cleanse

Day 27 (Jan. 27)

Morning Weight: up .2 lb; with a total loss of 14.8 lbs since Day 1.

This morning I was back to work. Still tired and coughing but my energy is better.

I had 3 jars of green smoothies throughout the day, as well as a sliced up apple. I just wasn’t all that hungry.

Then, I came home to a precautionary, city-wide, boil-water advisory, so focused on boiling some water.

Hmm…what to eat?

I chose a big wonderful banana and cherry smoothie (my favourite lately).

I drank about Âľ litre water today.

Wishing you a healthy journey.


Detox or a Wicked Flu?

I missed three days of work last week, due to what I thought was a flu/cold. If you’ve been reading my reports on my 28 Day Raw Food Cleanse, you’ll know about my complaints:

-no energy

-headaches (most of the time with some brief relief now and again)

-achy body, all over

-congested chest: this has been tough, with lots of coughing and bringing up phlegm. I will say though, that normally if I had congestion in my chest during a flu, the colour of the phlegm would be almost green. Not the case now. My phlegm is more of a neutral colour.

I know that there are a lot of different viruses out there, and there can be many different versions of how people symptomize, but this stuff happening to me doesn’t feel like anything else I have experienced before.

It is because of this that I decided to do some quick research, and see if other people have experienced the same symptoms as me, in relation to a detox.

I found an article with a title that caught my eye: 7 Ways to Avoid Detox Symptoms on a Cleanse from The Healthy Home Economist. I found some answers. Yes, other people who have gone through a cleanse have experienced flu like symptoms! Now, is this absolute proof that I do not have the flu, but am experiencing similar symptoms? No.

It does show me that it’s possible and reassures me that I have been listening to my body and that I am in tune with my body. Very powerful stuff!

I found another group of articles from Raw Food Explained. This one, What to Expect when you Improve your Diet, was quite helpful.

After readinng these articles, I am reminded of a book that I’ve read and found very helpful. I posted my review of Eating Alive in February, 2014, if you want to learn more.

I think I will have to give it a quick go-over or reread it to remind me about how the body deals with toxins.

Wishing you a healthy journey.


Day 11 of 28 Day Raw Food Cleanse

Day 11 (Jan. 11)

Morning Weight:  down .4 lb, with a total loss of 7.8 lbs since Day 1.

Did not workout today. Lounged in bed with my hubby.

Started the day with fresh juice, as usual.

Had smoothies during the day.

While out doing errands, I enjoyed another fresh juice. It was from a place in a mall that does fresh juices and smoothies. It was delicious.

For dinner, I made a big salad with: arugula, kale and romaine leaves. I also added tomatoes, green onion and cucumber. For the dressing I blended tomato, mango and red onion, along with a little water and some herbs/spices (fresh parsley, celery salt, sea salt, crushed red peppers). It was pretty good. Not one of my favourites…I think I needed to add more dressing or have fewer greens so it wasn’t so chewy.

Water consumption today was about 1 L.

Wishing you a healthy journey!


Lobster…at Last!

 20130819_182240  20130819_184547


While vacationing on the East Coast, we’ve been looking forward to having lobster in Halifax. Last night, we ate dinner at Salty’s, right on the harbour, and it was fabulous.

We started with local beer: Garrison Brewery’s Tall Ship Amber and Irish Red. Oysters out here are more expensive than we expected, but we decided to indulge, since it was our first night in Halifax. Of course, we had the whole, steamed lobster, with melted butter (a must if you are on vacation and not worrying about your weight/diet).

Our view and service were terrific, and we may have to go back before we leave.

I’ve been eating seafood galore out here. Although I have not been eating any meat (beef, chicken or seafood) since Jan. 2013, I consciously chose to eat seafood while on this trip. I’ve waited a long time to come out here and enjoy all that this area has to offer. Perhaps when my veggie ways are more established, I may choose to bypass seafood while on vacation. We’ll see. I won’t have any problem with beef or chicken, because neither appeal to me at all any more.

If you are a wanna-be vegetarian or wanna-be vegan, remember that it takes time to transition, and don’t be hard on yourself. I have learned this over the last three and a half years since I first read The China Study.