Week 17 Lifestyle Log…5/12…Time for a Change

Week 17 Lifestyle Log…5/12…Time for a Change

Just a quick note about this past week’s Lifestyle Log. -I met 5 of my 12 goals, which is ok..ish. It’s an improvement over the 3 habit goals I was successful with last week. -It was surprising to see I didn’t watch TV all week! That means I’m getting other things done, which is terrific. [...]

Week 13 Lifestyle Log…6/11

Starting this week, I’m changing two things: Changing the name of my health log, to Lifestyle Log. Recording my Lifestyle Log at a glance. I’ll continue to record a detailed log for my own analysis, but for my A Journey to Chew On report, I’m going to stick to the at-a-glance format. I think there’s [...]

Progress Report #1

It's been just over a month since I decided to transform my life. Let's see how I'm doing. No Alcohol at Home Since mid-January of this year, my husband and I decided to not drink at home. We normally drank about 5 nights a week...that's a lot! We would have wine usually, or an occasional [...]

I Choose Health

We all know that we are supposed to exercise...move our bodies in some way each day or at least a few times a week. We all know this, but many people, like me, don't really get it. Until now. For me, I have focused mostly on food as a way to get healthy. I am [...]