Food Watch: Cereals – Part 1

Food Watch: Cereals – Part 1

What’s usually your first bite of the day? For many, it’s a simple, easy bowl of cereal. Most of us grew up eating cereal for breakfast. We don’t have to eat cereal in the morning, but many people and families find it quick to eat before hurrying out the door to begin the day. But [...]

My Vegucation

On my health journey, I’ve learned a lot. A LOT! I’ve read books, magazine articles, watched videos and listened to speakers and podcasts. I know plants are where it's at for good health. I’ve been convinced by information from scientific research as well as from the experiences of varied people. The most influential people who’ve [...]

Inspired to Become the REAL ME!

A week ago, on Jan. 14, I decided to become the real me. I’m really excited to let the real me blossom and to get to know her again. Nice to meet you: healthy, active and vibrant Ali! I’ve been trying since Jan. 1, 2010 to become the person I want to be. If you [...]

Year-long Goals Check-in

It's time to revisit my year-long goals to see how I am doing. My evaluation: Pretty darn good! Exercise Goal The first row shows my exercise results. I've exercised 11 out of the 17 days. I like that, alhough I can improve in this area. Plant-based I have stuck to this goal, every day, although I do [...]

Teach Kids about Food

There is definitely something wrong with our society when we need to explicitly teach kids about what food is, which foods are healthy, and which foods to stay away from. It is essential, in my opinion, to teach children about what our world of food is like today. Every family is different and has different [...]

10 Best and Worst

Need a reminder about what foods are best for you? I know I could use a reminder now and again. There are many different approaches to good health; the poster below gives you one of those approaches by Dr. Joel Fuhrman.   Regardless of how you eat, it’s tough to argue with his philosophy of nutrition. [...]