Day 20 Plant-Eating Challenge: REBOOT

When I woke up this morning, I was truly discouraged. After being off track for several days, I could feel a slump beginning to develop..

I didn’t want that.

I dug really deep into my emotional/mental pocket, reached down and grabbed on to the one thing that I know is always there.

Mental Power

We all have it. That power to change. That power to choose how we react to something. I chose to push the slump aside and push myself to beat it.

Step 1 Internal Boost

I decided that I would have smoothies all day, untill dinner, because that’s a good cleanser, pick-me-up, and a great way for my whole body to feel good. I mean homemade, green smoothies. No dairy. No pre-made juices.

Step 2 Support

While at work today, I spoke on the phone with my husband, who, by the way, is the true love of my life. Even though he has his own business to run, he knew I just needed to talk, and I needed him to just listen.

I told him how discouraged I was, and that even though I know in my heart that it is the journey that is important, I felt really fed up with the damn journey. I felt fed up that it seems like I am always on this journey, where I continue to fall down…where I again, do not succeed. I never seem to make it to the end of the journey, to that moment of success where I feel I’m living the healthy lifestyle that I want.

He reminded me that it is true that I am on a journey, and even when I do reach my goals of what I perceive to be “health”, I will still be on a journey. The journey doesn’t ever end- it’s always developing into something even better.

My dear friend, Susan, also helped me today with her supportive words of wisdom in a morning email. It is so easy for me to beat myself up, so easy. She reminded me to stop doing that.

Step 3 Stick-with-itness

I kept positive all day, and had no trouble enjoying my smoothies and staying away from other food. My ability to commit, gave me the boost I needed.

After I arrived home, I made myself a delicious wrap from Ezeikel wraps. I threw in some tomatoes, bean sprouts, red onion and lettuce. A little mustard and some no-fat caesar dressing (maybe a teaspoon…a tiny vice I still have in the fridge for emergencies).

Next, I decided to make some soup with the leftover squash in my fridge. I tossed that into the blender, along with some green onion, garlic, ginger and homemeade rice milk. Very thick…most wouldn’t even call it a soup. My daughter loved it! That says it all.

Since I have made my own rice milk before, I thought..hmm…let’s see if I can make a different kind of milk, with the same idea? So, I did, with whole oats.

1 cup oats and 3 cups filtered water, and volia! It turned out well…tastes less bitter than the rice milk, and even had some nice foam. Will be a perfect addition to the morning oatmeal.


So now, I end my day feeling much better.

Tomorrow, I need to get back to my exercise routine. Getting the blood running always helps.

Goodbye temporary slump.

Hello, rebooted me.

Day 1 Plant Eating Challenge

This is it…I am making a public declaration that I want to eat a Whole Foods Plant-based (WFPB) Diet.

This is really scary because now I can’t try it, and then just give up. Instead of keeping it to myself, I am putting it out there!

And…my 13 year-old daughter is doing this with me!

Let’s be clear. I don’t mean “diet”…I mean lifestyle: a permanent change in how I eat.

I have attempted this many times. I usually go through phases of doing really well, and then I get off track and find myself eating cheese (a true love of mine).

My goals:

  1. Write on my blog about my experience at least once a week, preferably more.
  2. Be consistent: stick to it.
  3. Go one week at a time
  4. Continue until at least the middle of December, before the holidays.
  5. Continue further, so I can turn 50 in 2015, and feel terrific!

What will I Eat?

1. Whole Foods (the WF in WFPB)

Foods that are not processed, especially if they are highly processed. Even things like veggie burgers are out. Have you ever looked at the endless list of ingredients in these things? Yuck!

I will process my own foods with a tool like my Blentec high-speed blender. I will eat salt, spices/herbs, as well as the odd condiment that is not filled with sugar or fat, such as:

  • Horseradish
  • Mustard
  • Frank’s hot sauce

Occasionally, I will use a low-sodium soya sauce or a low sodium vegetable broth.

2. Plants (the PB in WFPB)

  • Vegetables, including greens
  • Fruit
  • Starch: potatoes, sweet potatoes and squash
  • Grains: whole grains like rice and quinoa
  • Legumes: peas, chickpeas, black beans, lentils etc.
  • Nuts/Seeds: only small amounts (they are high in fat, of which excess in the body is harmful, even if they are good fats)

Ok, so I will eat whole foods, that are plant-based.

3. Off-limit Foods

    Oil: it is a fractured food, not existing in nature and is highly processed. Now, I will occasionally use oil in a very small amount if I feel I have no other options. For example, I do not how to make kale chips without a little oil.

    Coffee: I actually gave up coffee in February of this year, so that is not an issue. I weaned myself off over about a week’s time. No headaches!

    Sugar: this is out too. What a dangerous culprit. This won’t be too difficult, because if you look at my food list above, none of them have added sugar, only natural sugars already found in the food. Sugar is mainly found in processed food, so if I stick to whole foods, this one shouldn’t be troublesome.

4. Alcohol: Ok, this is a tough one…I really enjoy a nice glass of red wine, or two. I haven’t fully decided where I am at with this one. I will continue to drink wine, but I will likely put an effort toward noticing how much or how often I have it. It is still a sugar.


Break the Food Addiction

I feel great!

Starting at the beginning of this month, I decided to refocus my efforts toward eating the way I really want to eat: whole foods that are plant-based that are also raw and low in fat.

I was very successful to start, and then enjoyed a weekend away and indulged. But here is the thing. I was super irritable for the 2-3 days that followed. I was low in energy and honestly, almost felt a bit depressed.

I am a big fan of The Biggest Loser and watched a recent episode. It gave me the kickstart to get out of that funk. The next day, I got back on track.

For the last seven days, I have stuck to my commitment 100%. For the last seven days, I have used my treadmill once or twice in a day.

How I feel:

Wow! Energized. Pumped to run on the treadmill as soon as I get home-I even look forward to it. My whole body feels lighter and I feel happier.

Why the success? Here is my theory.

With all the junk in food (mainly fat, sugar and salt), we truly get addicted to the food consumed in everyday society. We crave it. No wonder it is so difficult to stop eating it.

So, I realize that when I go on a food “bender”, I still want that food when I’m done, when I decide it’s time to get back on track! But I can’t do it because it is very difficult. I want more chips and more cheese! I don’t want to eat it, so I struggle mentally and feel stressed out!

Not worth it!

Even though I feel great, and at day seven of continuously eating beautiful plants that are raw…at some point soon, I’ll be faced with a food I have loved always: chips…or…cheese.

 chips              cheese2

What will I do? The saying, “A moment on the lips…a liftime on the hips.” is starting to sink in.

If I eat those things, I’ll have seconds or minutes of pleasure through my taste buds, but then, what will follow is not appealing at all! Sluggish feeling, being irritable etc. I will feel like crap.

Although there are people out there who eat the way I am eating, and have done so for years, it is difficult for me, at this early stage, to see me eating this way for years and years without breaking down in some social situation and eating crap.

Why is it so hard for me to picture myself eating well for many years? Because I have not been successful, long-term, EVER before!

I feel like I am beating the food addiction that has trapped so many of us in a terrible diet cycle. My commitment feels more solid now, since I understand that I can’t look at weekends as “cheese time” if I want to adopt a healthy lifestyle, long term.

I think I’m getting closer to the true me that I want to be. Yippee!