Welcome to A Journey to Chew On!

We’re all on a journey of one kind or another. We learn about life along the way. Not all at once, and not at the end.

We grow and change on our journey. Our passions and goals morph as we make our way, step by step on our own personal journey. We climb some of the hills along the way and shout for joy as we have successes. We also run into potholes and other obstacles that stop us in our tracks, preventing further progress. Sometimes we really find ourselves in a rut that’s tough to get out of.

We often climb out of those ruts, but there are times when we need more information, or someone else’s experiences to learn from, or we need a friend. Ultimately, some kind of support helps us through it.

My hope is that my journey, shared through this website, will give you some support on your own health journey.


Many of us face challenges when it comes to our weight or health. We struggle with eating better (how to, motivation, consistency etc.) so we can drop the weight or have better health. We’re trying to lose weight, feel more energetic and ultimately feel a greater sense of peace and happiness.

This is my journey.

Your journey will be unique, personalized to your own desires, interests and goals. By learning a little about the things that have helped me on my journey, I hope you will have a take-away or aha moment that will help you on your own journey.

What can you expect from me and this site?

  1. My truth. I write and share about things that ring true with me or that inspire me.
  2. Honesty; the real me.
  3. Accurate information. If something’s not right, let me know. Please.
  4. No judgement. Call me on it, if you think I am judging.
  5. A genuine desire to share and help others find more successes on their health journey.
  6. Imperfection. You don’t have to do things perfectly. Me neither.
  7. Simplicity. I like things easy. No complicated recipes.

Thanks for stopping by to have a peak at my journey. Let me know how I can help you on yours.

Wishing you health and success on your journey,